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Jiangbei Cherry Blossom Culture Festival opens

With cherry blossoms blooming on the hillside, and the crowds playing at the foot of the mountain play, the 3rd Cherry Blossom Culture Festival in Jiangbei District opened in Luye Mountain Residence. The citizens and tourists in Hanfu from all over the world went to the fair, tasted food, and took pictures of cherry blossoms. They enjoyed the unique cherry blossom season.

In March, the "Chinese Red" cherry blossom blooms in the hills of the Green Mountain. Next, the famous cherry blossoms such as Oshima Sakura, Yoshino Sakura, and Yae Sakura will be in full bloom. In the next month and a half, Jiangbei District Culture, Radio, Film and Television Tourism Bureau will launch various events such as Sakura picnic, Sakura party, Sakura Tent Festival, Children's Balanced Car Fun Competition, aiming to create a one-stop experience for the citizens and tourists to eat, live, travel, entertain and shop

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