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The 2nd Ningbo International Micro Film Festival Starts Collecting Films Globally

On August 4th, the second Ningbo International Micro Film Festival began to collect films all over the world. Compared to the last year, the competition units and awards sets have some difference this time.

According to the reports, the film festival has 5 competition units, including 2 primary units, micro film and network film, and 3 added units. To promote the communication and cultural blending of people along “The Road and Belt, the film festival added The Road and Belt(international short film) unit, the best foreign language film and international communication award. Furthermore, in order to boost the development of documentary film, the documentary film unit and best documentary film award was newly set. With the view of encouraging students to create more better films, the film festival added the unit of student work and some awards for separate items, such as the best student work, director, screenwriter, cameraman, actor and actress


As for the arrangement of awards, the Golden Screw Award of two main units were kept, but the Sliver Screw Award was replaced by 5 single awards. In addition, the network film unit added the best picture and popular award.

It is reported that this Ningbo International Micro Film Festival will be held between September and November. The collecting of the films starts right now by October 8th

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