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Four Artists Listed in “New Talents Plan”

According to the Municipal Folk Artists Association, four young artists were selected into the Xinfeng (“New Talents” )Plan” (arts and crafts) of 2017 on May 2nd, including Wen Guoli (ST color porcelain), Wang Huaner(hair embroidery), Xu Minjie (wheat straw patchwork) and Xu Jie (bamboo-rooting carving).

Since it started in 2013, the “New Talents Plan” has been aiming at bringing up young artistic talents in painting, calligraphy, photography and folk art. By professional training, field trips, artwork promotion, holding exhibitions, publishing painting albums, participating in national important training plans and other ways, the plan develops the young artistic talents and forms the artistic reserve force of Zhejiang. Since the “New Talents Plan” of 2017 started in the second half of last year, about hundred artists from 10 cities have entered the activity, whose works involve celadon porcelain, sword, stone carving, wood carving, shadow puppet, paper cutting, illumination and many other categories. Finally, 30 young talents, including 12 young talents, were selected by judges

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