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Paper plane flying contest to be held

The yearly paper plane flying contest will be held in Fubang Stadium of Ningbo Sports Centre on October 6. Citizens who are interested are welcome to the contest.

Flying paper plane is a kind of special sports event involving technology, easy to learn and full of fun. Anyone who registers on the spot with his ID card can take part in it. Those who can break the record of the time length of the plane staying in air will be awarded by a certain sum of money. What’s more, the winners can also win two tickets for the national Aero Model Open which is also the first national RC Model Helicopter Tournament sponsored by and named after the "Air Defense Expo Park of China".

Exactly at the same time of the paper plane contest, the first Tianhao Tricycle Tournament will be held in the same place. For more detailed rules of the tournament, please refer to, the website of Ningbo Model Radio Sports Association.

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