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Ningbo to Nanjing airline resumed

Shandong Airline is to resume the flight No.SC4946 from Ningbo to Nanjing which had been shut down for almost one year. There will be one flight each day, taking off at 19:50 and landing at 20:45, costing 55 minutes altogether.
The flight would stop over Nanjing on its way from Ningbo to Jinan, with a price of 480 Yuan (excluding taxes). It is a CRJ-200 Bombardier regional aircraft with the maximum capacity of 50 people.
A year ago, Shandong Airline started this route without stopping over Nanjing, taking time consuming into consideration. Fewer people choose to go by High speed train because of its frequent delay. And that is why Shandong Airline decided to resume this flight, which could attract more passengers as well as gain more money.
What's more, those businessmen could have more choices. The full occupancy of the 50 seats in total can be guarantted.

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