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Ningbo to implement a five-year plan for the fitness of all its citizens

On the morning of August 11, mayor Liuqi of Ningbo chaired the 106 conference of the standing committee of the municipal government to examine and pass the  "The Five-year Plan for the Fitness of All Ningbo Citizens", which specifies the target, tasks and measures for the development of fitness programs for all Ningbo people.

It is learned that the main tasks of the five-year plan are for the government to fully perform its function in providing public service in sports by developing a well established system to ensure the fitness of all people, so that the health level of citizens is remarkably raised, with the comprehensive fitness index reaching the provincial standard for a sports-strong city in Zhejiang. The plan includes such six projects as the construction of sports facilities, the development of fitness activities, the training in sports skills, the establishment of a network of sports societies, campus sports, sports demonstration programs, etc.

The specific indexes for the coming five years include: 40% of citizens often participate in sports activities; 90% of citizens reach the national standards of physical fitness; 95% of sports facilities of downtown schools and 85% of county(district) schools are open to the public; 80% and 90% of counties and towns are listed as provincial "sports-strong"; there are 4 sports directors per one thousand people; each county of district develops at least one mass sports game; per capita sports area is above 1.8 square meters; sports expense increases in proportion to the increase in financial revenue; sports welfare funds from sports lottery is strictly used for the program of "fitness for all".

It was agreed at the meeting that the implementation of the plan of fitness for all to improve the health of people and improve their quality of life is very significant in creating a harmonious society. All the related government departments should further strengthen their functions of public service, raise people's awareness of physical fitness, build and improve all kinds of sports facilities, establish a sound network of sports organizations, offer rich and varied activities, have proper plans and measures to push forward the sustainable development of the program of fitness for all to advocate a healthy, civilized and positive way of life among people.

The conference also dealt with other matters, such as the examination of "Regulations to Improve Pre-school Education", etc.

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