Ningbo Pavilion put into operation in World Leisure Expo

Category: Ningbo News
Published: Monday, 26 September 2011 11:07

On the night of September 17, the World Leisure Expo 2011 Hangzhou opened. The newly decorated Ningbo Pavilion was put into operation and added a sight to the Expo.

This year's World Leisure Expo is co-sponsored by the World Leisure Organization and Hangzhou Municipal Government, and it will last for two months. Through the demonstration of four sections including exhibition, forums, festivals and events, and leisure experience, the Expo is to popularize advanced leisure concepts, to exhibit various leisure cultures and to provide participants with colorful leisure experience. It aims to develop modern leisure industries in a positive way and to improve the people's living standard.

Ningbo Pavilion, themed as "A city of culture and a gateway to the world", is composed of four sections, namely, coastal leisure, mountain leisure, lake leisure and urban leisure. And there are four functional areas such as area of performance and exhibition, area of leisure information exchange, area of product exhibition and area of public interaction. The "Special day" activities for about 12 counties and districts of Ningbo, including Yuyao, Cixi, Xiangshan, Fenghua, Ninghai and Dongqian Lake, will focus on promoting the rich leisure resources and leisure products in Ningbo.