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Ningbo devoting major efforts to constructing public cultural service systems

This year is the first year of the 12th-Five-year Plan Period. Ningbo is now making great efforts to improve its public culture service systems, making them "comprehensive, high grade and sustainable." The per capita expenditure on the public culture services will reach 189 yuan.

During the 12th Five-year-plan Period, Ningbo will fundamentally form a public cultural service system in both the urban and rural areas, and it will go on invest many funds to upgrade the existing cultural infrastructural facilities. The key renovating projects of the city include Ningbo Art Theatre, Tianyi Pavilion Museum and Baoguo Temple Museum. As new projects, it will build Ningbo China Museum of the Silk Road on the Sea, Ningbo China Port Museum, a protection base for national underwater cultural heritages, and rebuild Ningbo Municipal Library, and Ningbo Broadcasting and TV Monitoring Center. There are about 40 such projects of key cultural facilities. At present, such projects have been initiated as Ningbo Art Theatre, Baoguo Temple Museum, Haishu District Cultural Center and Haishu District Library, Jiangbei District Cultural Center and Jiangbei District Library, Zhenhai District Cultural Center and Zhenhai District Library, Beilun District Library, Cixi Municipal Cultural Center, Yuyao Municipal Library and Ninghai County Cultural Center.

In the meanwhile, the city will future enhance the "15-minute cultural circles", building a well structured public cultural network that covers the cities, counties (districts), towns and villages.

Since 2011, the city has further promoted the supply of the public cultural services, offering charge free access to art galleries, libraries, cultural centers, museums and patriotism education bases.

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