Overall beautification project of Zhenhai port completed

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Published: Tuesday, 09 December 2014 10:03

With the remodeling of buildings, the relocation of docks and the coloring project, the 40-year old Zhenhai part of Ningbo Port shows a new face. Since May this year, the Ningbo Port Group has launched the special campaign of "strengthening on-site management and building civilized port", and the branch of the group in Zhenhai port has invested a lot in the transformation of the port area.

At the beginning of 2014, the port area invited the experts from the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts to design the planning for the coloring transformation of the area. So far, the overall beautification project has been basically completed, showing a new colorful face of the port. At the chemical dock of the port, a disused chimney has been decorated and the name of the place was written on its top. Besides saving the demolition cost, it has also become a kind of landscape itself. The signs erected in front of the gate have been replaced by vivid cartoon wall pictures. The long corridor leading to the wharves, with the pictures since the beginning of the opening of the five ports in history carved on the wall, serves as a historical time tunnel. The cranes and conveyor bridges, used to be blackened by coal dusts, have now been dyed with different colors, and the water storage tanks in the chemical industry area have been colored green to show the vitality of the port development.


The seemingly superficial decorations are backed by the concept of green transformation. As the coal wharf of the Zhenhai port area is adjacent to the urban area of the district, when the weather condition was not agreeable, the coal dusts used to be blown to the urban area, leading to the complaints of the residents. Now, the Zhenhai port branch has transferred the coal piling area to further places while the original wharf has been transformed as a container wharf. With this, they have enhanced the economic benefit of the wharf and solved the problem of coal dust nuisance.

Meanwhile, the on-site management of the port area has been greatly improved. "We used to have only a room for rest, and with over 20 workers staying inside, the room was smelly. Now, our uniforms are collected for dry cleaning, and after work we can even play basketball or chat with each other without rushing back home." said Li Chunyun, a loader from Yunnan Province. The company has prepared new locker rooms, common room and a library for the workers, so that they can play chess, read books, or play basketball after high-intensive work.