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Investment in fixed asset expands in Zhenhai

In the past few days, high-temperature weather has  come back. On the supporting wharf site of Zhenhai Power Plant Coal-fired  Unit Relocation and Reconstruction Project of Zhenhai Power Plant, workers  are working intensively in the scorching heat. “The epidemic has affected the  progress of the project. With the help of government departments, we resumed  work in time and grabbed the progress.” The person in charge of the project  said, “On July 25, the first ship berthed smoothly, marking the trial  operation of the supporting terminal. We are currently in the process of  finishing and testing, and the supporting terminal is expected to be  officially put into use before the end of 2020."

"The relocation and transformation project of  coal-fired units in Zhenhai Power Plant, which has received much attention,  presses the construction 'fast forward button' in the second quarter and  completed 30% of the annual investment plan in one month in June." said  the person in charge of Zhenhai District Development and Reform Bureau. Zhenhai  Power Plant's coal-fired unit relocation and transformation project has  overcome difficulties and progressed as scheduled, which is the epitome of  Zhenhai's efforts to stabilize investment in the first half of the year.  Keeping a close eye on the semi-annual goals, Zhenhai will give full play to  the supporting and leading role of major projects, continue to expand  effective investment, promote early

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Natural Stage Weekend Theater presents excellent performance

The performance scene of the youth version of Yue Opera "Meng Lijun". (Photo by Zhou Jianping)

As the familiar Yue Opera music sounded again, Yue Opera "Meng Lijun" was performed on the Natural Stage the night before. The wonderful singing and performance of the outstanding young actors of Ningbo Xiaobaihua Yue Opera Troupe won the warm applause of the audience and the atmosphere was quite warm.

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Ningbo to hold 2020 World Digital Economy Conference in September

Ningbo will usher in a feast of the digital economy in a month. The 2020 World Digital Economy Conference and the tenth Wise Fair will be held in the city from September 10 to 13, according the Municipal Bureau of Economic and Information Technology on 29 July.

The 2020 conference will theme around “digital drive, intelligent development” through the organization of forums, exhibitions, results release, experience day and other activities, focusing on the global digital economy and the new wisdom city of new technologies, new products, new achievements, according to the Ningbo Municipal Economic and Information Bureau of the relevant person in charge,

Unlike previous years, the conference will be held online and will be linked online and offline. Among them, the elite forum is the highlight of the previous congress. According to the plan, there will be one main forum and nine sub-forums in 2020. The main forum will exchange and discuss new concepts, new paths and new strategies for the development of digital economy and the construction of new smart cities under the new situation. The thematic sub-forums will focus on 5G, digital transformation, industrial Internet and other fields for discussion and communication.

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Ningbo’s foreign trade is resilient amid the epidemic

Overall, Ningbo’s foreign trade in the first half of 2020 was better than expected, and the import and export gradually stabilized. In the first half of the year, the city’s import and export amounted to 430.75 billion yuan, accounting for 3.03% of the country’s import and export, up 0.12 percentage points from the end of 2019. Among them, exports amounted to 278.92 billion yuan, accounting for 3.62 percent of the country’s exports, up 0.16 percentage points from the end of 2019, up 0.3 percent year-on-year, better than the country’s 3.3 percentage points. On a monthly basis, the city’s import and export and exports have seen positive growth for four consecutive months since March.

The exports of high-tech and labor-intensive products both increased, and the proportion of imports of electromechanical and high-tech products increased. In the first half of the year, Ningbo’ exports of high-tech products registered 22.05 billion yuan, up 6.3% year-on-year, an increase of 6 percentage points higher than the city's average, accounting for 7.9% of the city’s exports. The proportion increased by 0.4 percentage points. Exports of garments, textiles, plastic products, furniture, toys, footwear, bags and other seven categories of labor-intensive products increased by 9.0% year-on-year, an increase of 8.7 percentage points higher than the city average.

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Ningbo grassroots theater troupe sings in Shanghai Big World Club

On July 26, the Ningbo grassroots theater troupe staged a performance of Yong Opera at the invitation of the Shanghai Big World Club. 

Formerly known as the Hengxi Xiaojinfeng Ningbo Opera Troupe, the Yinzhou Sound Ningbo Opera Troupe is a competitive private troupe in the city, active at the grassroots level for a long period of time, and also a team with outstanding performance in Ningbo Opera Festival every year. In March 2018, the Yinzhou Sound Ningbo Opera Troupe was invited by Shanghai TV's colorful channel The People’s Stage to record a special program on “Voice of Yong River” in Shanghai. As an active promoter of the art of Yong Opera, this time the Yinzhou Sound Ningbo Opera Troupe met Shanghai audiences with Yong Opera as a carrier after participating in the opening performance of the 2018 Great World Yangtze River Delta Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival the year before. 

The special session not only brought to the Shanghai audience wonderful fragments of the traditional plays, but also the traditional Chinese operas.

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