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Liuheng-Meishan Higway to be built next year

The third review meeting on the feasibility of the Liuheng-Meishan Highway was held at the provincial transportation department a couple of days ago. News came that the highway project costing over 21.3 billion yuan would be started next year. When completed, the drive time from Ningbo to the Liuheng Island will be reduced to within one hour.

The highway will consist of a main road and a branch. The main road starts from the southwest of the Liuheng Island, via Shuangyumen Waterway, Foudou Island, Qinglongmen Waterway, Tingzimen Waterway, Meishan Island, Chunxiao Development Zone, and end at Jiaxi Village, stretching 40.4 kilometers. It will be a four-lane road, costing 16 billion yuan. There will be two over-sea bridges and four flyovers. The branch line will be 33.1 kilometers, costing about 5.32 billion yuan, with five flyovers.

Experts say that the highway will integrate Liuheng Port and the Meshan Port, which, together with the Zhoushan-Ningbo Grand Bridge, promote the integration process of Ningbo-Zhoushan Port.

Gifts for children of migrant workers

On July 5, volunteers of College of Science and Technology, Ningbo University were loading their donations for a school for children of migrant workers.

Kind blood donators

The other day, over 100 people from a community of Ningbo donated blood at a blood collection station at the gym.

Let's get cool

On the hot morning on July 3, some foreign kids were playing in the cool water at Heyi Avenue.


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