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China Cartoon and Animation Art Exhibition to open in Ningbo

According to College of Science and Technology, Ningbo University, the first China Cartoon and Animation Art Exhibition is to open in Ningbo Arts Gallery from November 18 to December 11.

Sun Lijun, Secretary of the Party Committee of Beijing Film Academy and Dean of the Institute of Cartoon and Animation of the Academy, Kevin Geiger, former Director of Cartoon Department of Disney, Wu Guanying, profession of the School of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University, and Xu Yingqing, a graphic processing expert from the Asian Institute of Microsoft, attended the Summit Forum.

The exhibition will display chosen works of short cartoon films from China, South Korea and Japan.

Ningbo-Lishui cooperation going on

On September 26, a meeting of the cooperation of Lishui and Ningbo was held. At the meeting, the two cities signed over 10 cooperative agreements on construction of rural infrastructural facilities, industrial manufacturing, travel and exchanges of agricultural products. The agreements involve about 200 million yuan. Chen Yijun, Vice Mayor of Ningbo Municipal Government, Wang Yongkang, Mayor of Lishui, and Cai Xiaohua, Vice Mayor of Lishui, attended the signing ceremony.

The focus of the cooperative projects is to help Lishui improve its agricultural infrastructures, educate modern technicians and develop features economies. From this year on, Ningbo will invest 3 million yuan in Lishui for such projects as mountaineer relocation, agricultural parks, medical centers and the farmers' training center. Yuyao, Cixi, Yinzhou, Beilun and Ninghai of Ningbo City will invest in some counties of Liushui for such projects as construction of roads in rural areas, office buildings of villages and improvement of educational facilities.

Jia Qijia's calligraphic exhibition opened in Ningbo Arts Gallery

On the morning of September 2, the exhibition of the works of Jia Qijia, a modern calligraphic artist, opened in Ningbo Arts Gallery. Chang Minyi, Vice Chairman of Ningbo People's Political Consultative Conference, attended the opening ceremony. In the opening ceremony, Jia Qijia donated some of his works to Ningbo Arts Gallery.

Jia Qijia, known as Yantian for his pen name, was born in Xiaxian County in Shanxi Province in 1953. In July 2004 he was entitled one of "Top Ten Modern Chinese Calligraphists". The exhibition, of 80 of his calligraphic works, will last to October 9.

Ningbo gives priority to quality

Ningbo recently released "Measures on Ensuring Quality for the Future Development of Ningbo". The documents decides that the city should stick to the strategy of intellectual property rights, the strategy of standardization, the strategy of brands and the strategy of management and that it should establish a quality guarantee system, a quality technological support system, a quality credit system and a quality assessment system. It says that the city should give priority to quality in such aspects as products, construction projects, services and environment. With all these measures, Ningbo should attach greater importance to the quality of development so as to turn itself from a city powerful in manufacturing to a city powerful in quality.

According to the Measures, by 2015, the acceptance rate of the Ningbo-made in national quality checks should be among the highest in the country, and the rate in checks by the municipal-level sampling checks should be above 90%. To be specific, the Ningbo-made food, drugs and agricultural products should be above 98%, 95% and 96% respectively. The rate of adopting international standards in large enterprises should be over 80%, and over 40% of enterprises should have quality and environment certificates.

By 2015, the environment should be distinctly improved. To be specific, the reaching standard rate of drinking water resources should be 100%, that of water quality in water functional areas above 70%, and that of air quality above 90%. With regard to the ecological environment, Ningbo should be among the best in China, meeting the standard as a national-level ecological city.

Yuyao and Cixi listed in top tens of China

On September 23, Forbes released the Top 25 Counties of Mainland China for 2011, in which Yuyao and Cixi respectively rank the 8th and the 10th. Kunshan, Changshu and Zhangjiagong stay on their positions as the first three on the list.

This is the third time the Chinese Edition of Forbes releases the Top 25. According to Zhou Jian, Editor-in-chief of the magazine, the list is based on the eight indexes of intelligent resources, scale of the city, management cost, consumption capacity, economic activity, creativity, passenger and cargo transport. The list aims to be a measurement of the investment value and development potential of county-level cities of Mainland China as a reference for the investors of the world. Jiangsu Province has 8 on this year's list, more than other provinces, and Zhejiang comes the next, having 7: Yiwu, Yuyao, Cixi, Haining, Zhuji, Shangyu and Wenling.


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