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Fabulous Holiday Close at Hand

Years of efforts have turned the city into a sizable “urban tourism circle” featuring urban sightseeing, leisure, entertainment, and shopping.  Citizens can enjoy a fabulous “golden tourism week” without leaving the city.

The National Day witnessed a myriad of cultural activities. Many cultural feasts were just close at hand. For instance, the “calligraphy and painting exhibition commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Revolution of 1911” displayed in the Tianyi Pavilion Library, a showcase of 100 pieces of works elaborately made by artists from the Municipal Committee of CPPCC Painting and Calligraphy Institute, “the treasure exhibition of Emperor Qianlong” in Ningbo Museum, the "natural stage" entertainment program held everyday in Zhongshan Square, including shows like ballet, acrobatics, opera and so on. Ningbo Cinema also put on a show of classic films commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Revolution of 1911.

Shopping on holiday, a way to enjoy holiday discounts and release the work stress at the same time, was a wise holiday choice. With more than 130 international fashion brands, The Shanjing Square, opened on September 23rd brought new experience for the citizens.

Food is an indispensable element for city travelers. The Golden Autumn Seafood Festival provided visitors with a gluttonous feast of seafood.  The delicious and fresh sea food in Baisha dock is the best treat for your taste buds.  Meanwhile, hotels organized their own food festivals with different characteristics, such as the Sichuan Cuisine Festival in Nanyuan Universe Deluxe Hotel, Thai Food Festival in Sheraton Hotel and Mexican Food Festival in New Century Grand Hotel. Citizens can enjoy food from both home and abroad.

Of course, citizens can also appreciate sea view and walk along the Bund Promenade. You might also want to order a cup of coffee along the Bar Street while enjoying the spectacular view.

Family can also get together at the Lake Park and Zhongshan Square to enjoy the laurel blossom. Bathed in the fragrance of sweet-scented osmanthus would be a fantastic experience.

520,000 travelers to Ningbo on Oct. 1st

The very first day of the Golden Week saw people’s keen interest in travelling, highlighted by self-driving tour, family tour and independent tour.
According to the city’s Holiday Office, approximately 520,000 travelers have come to Ningbo, equal to the number of last year. Judging from the visitors’ distribution, the number of tourists surged in TV & Film City in Xiangshan, the hot spring scenic spots in Ninghai and the natural scenic spots in Yuyao. 
This year, along with the activities during the ongoing Ningbo Tourism Festival, many scenic spots have introduced some preferential measures, rendering tourists with the fun of both festivals.
Self-driving tour is a real eye-catcher of the weeklong holiday. Parking lots in some scenic spots, such as Siming Mountain National Forest Park, Dongqian Lake and TV & Film City are crammed with private cars.
Many people spent their first day in Children’s Paradise and the Sea World. In Tiangong Castle 20 children spent their birthday working in a special pavilion and then brought presents for parents with their double “wages”.
Catering the features of independent travelers, some scenic spots put on activities focused on interaction.
The TV & Film City in Xiangshan is crowed with tourists as well. With well-decorated yards, tea-houses and hotels, coupled with other settings of Song Dynasty such as ancient wedding, sugar-coated figurine and peanut cakes, the tourists can experience a real life time-travel.
Some other interesting festivals are also available. For example, the long-awaited opening ceremony of Seafood Festival in Xiangshan, the group wedding ceremony in Wulei Mountain, Cixi, and the Tofu Festival in Ninghai.
The whole city is immersed in a sea of joy.

Tourist Service Association of the Changjiang River Delta founded

On the morning of September 28, the meeting on the founding of the Tourist Service Association of the Changjiang River Delta was held in Donggang Sheraten Hotel. The announced Constitution of the Tourist Service Association of the Changjiang River Delta indicates the founding of the Tourist Service Association of the Changjiang River Delta.

In recent years, Ningbo has had more and more tourist services, and the number has risen from 13 in 2009 to 33 today, and a network of tourist services has basically formed. So far, the Tourist Service Association of the Changjiang River Delta has held 4 joint conferences, and has 13 members. The co-sharing of tourist information has basically been realized in the member cities.

Representatives from Wuxi, Huzhou, Jinhua, Shaoxing, and tourist administrative departments of Ningbo attended the meeting.

First China Marine Economy and Investment Fair to open in Ningbo

According to a news conference of the first China Marine Economy and Investment Fair, the first China Marine Economy and Investment Fair is to open from November 10, 2011 to 12 in Ningbo.

Reportedly, the fair is the first of the same kind in China, and the only important event for investment and cooperation in the field of marine economy. At present, the preparations for the event are going on in an orderly way.

The first China Marine Economy and Investment Fair is jointly hosted by Zhejaing Provincial Government, and the State Oceanic Administration, and it is conducted by Ningbo Municipal Government, Zhejiang Provincial Commission of Development and Reform, Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Marine Fishing, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce and Zhejiang Provincial Office of Marine Economy. As a national-level fair for marine economic cooperation, it will be a large scale event for capital investment and intelligence introduction.

Jiangbei District Tourist Service Center opened

On the morning of September 28, Jiangbei District Tourist Service Center opened at Laowaitan of Jiangbei. As a second large non-profiting tourist service institution in Ningbo, the center is expected to be of great help for tourists to Jiangbei District.

In recent years, with the rapid development of tourist economy, the number of visitors to Jiangbei increased from 460,810 in 2005 to 4,787,700 in 2010, and the output of the tourist economy rose from 302 million yuan in 2005 to 4.859 billion yuan. In the last year, Jiangbei was elected “Top Tourist District of Zhejiang" and China Kindness and Filiality Festival becomes one of the top ten festivals of Ningbo.



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