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Ningbo to Nanjing airline resumed

Shandong Airline is to resume the flight No.SC4946 from Ningbo to Nanjing which had been shut down for almost one year. There will be one flight each day, taking off at 19:50 and landing at 20:45, costing 55 minutes altogether.
The flight would stop over Nanjing on its way from Ningbo to Jinan, with a price of 480 Yuan (excluding taxes). It is a CRJ-200 Bombardier regional aircraft with the maximum capacity of 50 people.
A year ago, Shandong Airline started this route without stopping over Nanjing, taking time consuming into consideration. Fewer people choose to go by High speed train because of its frequent delay. And that is why Shandong Airline decided to resume this flight, which could attract more passengers as well as gain more money.
What's more, those businessmen could have more choices. The full occupancy of the 50 seats in total can be guarantted.

Quality farm produce to be exhibited in HK

The Hong Kong Gourmet Festival is to be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. To deepen cooperation with Hong Kong in agro-cooperation and increase market share of Ningbo farm produce in HK, 51 companies of Ningbo will take part in the fair.

It is introduced that the to be exhibited farm produce of Ningbo include fruits, mountain specialties, aquatic products, cereal oils, livestock, etc, mostly famous brands. Meanwhile, some process of food making, farming techniques and tea serving ceremonies will be showcased, too. During the fair, Ningbo shall offer some 200 projects for invitation of investment.

Ningbo Wins Honor for its Livelihood Improvement

Ningbo came out among the 50 candidates as the model city in livelihood improvement in the 2010 Chinese Cities Livelihood Achievements Introductory Meeting held in Beijing July 29.

"The municipal government of Ningbo has been attaching great importance to people's livelihood improvement and has put in large sums of money in social security, employment, job placement, housing, education and culture. The financial expenditure has been further oriented to livelihood improvement. The social security system has covered all the urban and rural areas. The educational system is complete, with the attendance rate in compulsory educational period reaching 100%. The public cultural service system has been improving", said the prize-giving words.

The title was shared by the cities of Hangzhou, Chengdu, Xi'an, Nanjing, Tianjin, Foshan, Chongqing and Tangshan.

This promotion activity was jointly sponsored by the Oriental Outlook Weekly, China Mayors Association and Fudan University. The survey was conducted against the indexes of education, healthcare, living, social security, public cultural services, ecology, social security and life.

A total of 50 cities were selected, and Ningbo was ranked the third place.

Love for the people's army

On the eve of the Army Day, residents of a neighborhood community of Haishu District are sending their regards to the soldiers of the people's army.

First Zhejiang Lawyers Forum Held in Ningbo

On July 30, the first Zhejiang layers forum sponsored by the Zhejiang Lawyers Association was held in Ningbo. The lawyers and scholars gathered to discuss Zhejiang marine economy. Officials present included Li Zhihai, vice chairman of Zhejang People's Congress, Lu Hongbin, vice chairman of
National Lawyers Association, Mr. Hu Hulin, Mr. Zhao Guangjun, Mr. Zhuo Xianglai, Mr. Wang Dianchang, and so on.

In his speech, Mr. Li Zhihai said judicial departments, lawyers associations, and lawyers as well much develop an awareness of maritime strategy. They should have a sense of urgency, seize the opportunities of developing a demo marine economic zone in Zhejiang and expand legal service scope. He said, they should focus on studies on comprehensive development of the sea, ocean transportation, logistics, modern marine industrial system, maritime ecological protection, etc. Lawyers associations must integrate resources, set up platforms and step up efforts in cultivating talents of marine economy. They need to work their best to establish a modern legal service system so as to achieve a win-win development of the lawyering and marine economy.

The forum consisted of a main venue and five sessions.  Wang Dianchang and Liu Ting made speeches on national maritime strategy and marine economy and Zhejiang's development program of marine economy respectively.


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