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Singapore-Ningbo Commodity Fair opened

The 3rd Singapore-Ningbo Commodity Fair opened in Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre on July 20. With the official establishment of the China-ASEAN Free Trade Zone, the fair this year aims to help enterprises of Ningbo explore the ASEAN markets.

Like China Fair in Benin, the Singapore-Ningbo Commodity Fair is a second large fair Ningbo organized in a foreign country. This is a step Ningbo takes to help the enterprises of foreign trade to seize opportunities in the China-ASEAN Free Trade Zone, and Singapore has given lots of help to Ningbo's endeavor. With over 180 stalls, the Singapore-Ningbo Commodity Fair was participated by over 200 representatives from 115 enterprises. There are over 1,000 varieties of commodities of household appliances, household goods, gifts and food exhibited on the fair. It attracted quite a number of merchants from Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand and the intent purchases value over 2.6 million US dollars.

It is learned that with the progress of the China-ASEAN Free Trade Zone zero tariff has been implemented for over 7,000 varieties of commodities and this to a great extent has promoted the trade between Ningbo and the ASEAN countries and the free trade of goods has been basically realized. In the first half this year, the value of the bilateral trade of Ningbo and the ASEAN reaches 3.29 billion US dollars, increased by 41.5% above the same period of the previous year, covering 7% of the export of Ningbo in the period. The ASEAN has become Ningbo's fifth largest trade partner.

Ningbo wins awards in a provincial bodybuilding competition

On the evening of July 24, the bodybuilding competition of Zhejiang Sports Meet of Sports Associations was held in Linping Theatre of Yuhang District of Hangzhou. The 5 competitors of Ningbo Zhongliang Bodybuilding Team won 4 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 1 copper medal and the team ranked No.3. Of the competitors, Wu Zhongliang once again won the championship for weight 60; Qiu Weiguo ranked the 6th for weight 65; Hang Lizhan won the championship for weight 80 and above, the 2nd place for the B group and the 3rd place for the model group; Shi Yinghao won the 2nd place for weight 75; Su Qin won the championship of the B group and the championship of the sports group.

Care for the workers

On the morning of July 19, a number of workers of Wei-er-kang company are sampling the various cold drinks the company prepared for them. The company took all measures to make sure that the workers can feel cool in their work during the hot summer.

Friday Night - Party Night

Boat Party Venue

Friday Night - Party Night

By Matthew Galat AEBN

If I have not heard from you, please let me know if you will come!  If you go to the website ( you can click on EVENTS and register there, I can give you tickets for 199 RMB (a discount of 50 RMB)!

如果我还没收到你的消息,请告诉我如果你是否会来参加,如果你到我们的网站( 注册并点击 活动一栏,我将会给你每张票199人民币(50元人民币的折扣)

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A 110-KV Substation in Jiangdong in Use

On July 23, A 110-KV substation in Jiangdong District was put into use, and it is expected to effectively relax the power supply pressure in the northwest of Jiangdong District. The is the first 110-kv substation that is put into use of all the substations planned for the the 12th Five-Year-Plan Period.

This 110-kv substation covers an area of 3,581 sq m, in the north side of Tongtu Road in Jiangdong District. It is committed to the power supply of Ningbo Book City, Hengfeng Creative Square, and some living quarters.

According to related technician of Jiangdong Power Supply Bureau, the equipments in the substation are made of the most advanced fully enclosed combination components, and therefore the substation is more economical in area, much more reliable in power supply and noiseless.


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