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"Research and Exhibition of Chinese Exported Art" Symposium

On April 8, the "Research and Exhibition of Chinese Exported Artworks" academic seminar, under the guidance of the Zhejiang Museum Society and the Museum Science Committee of the Chinese Museum Association, and hosted by the China Port Museum and the Exhibition and Exhibition Committee of the Zhejiang Museum Society, was held at The China Port Museum was held, and experts and scholars from 16 domestic museums and universities attended the meeting.

The seminar took Chinese export art as the starting point,

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The 2nd Zhejiang Ecological Sports Meeting will kick off in Yinzhou on April 10th

News came that the opening ceremony of the 2nd Zhejiang Ecological Sports Meeting will be held in Yinzhou, Ningbo on April 10th. The first race will be held by the Dongqian Lake and the sports meeting will last for nearly a month.

It is reported that the opening ceremony of this ecological sports meeting will set up 11 competitions related to the concept of “Lucid waters and lush mountains are

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Corn roses in blossom

The city of Ningbo enjoys a beautiful day with great weather and fresh air, with corn roses sitting by the sides of Heqingbei Road fully in blossom. It is indeed a picturesque view as passers-by linger on the splendid sight of flowers

Tianyi Pavilion Museum and Moon Lake to Reconstruct Landscape of A Pair of Swallow by Wu Guanzhong

Renderings of the landscape of A Pair of Swallows(pic) 

Tourist attractions of Tianyi Pavilion Museum and Moon lake would reconstruct the landscape of a pair of swallow, ink and wash painting sketched by the well-known oil painter Wu Guanzhong at the moon lake in the 1980s. The upgrade project of Tianyi Pavilion Museum and Moon Lake scenic spot (phase Ⅱ) which focused on the construction of a new attraction featuring a flower island Double Swallow would be officially started in the morning of April 6th, by that time the Yuan’s House adjacent to the lake would show a picture of A Pair of Swallow with pink walls and dark blue tiles.

In 1980, Mr. Wu Guanzhong and his post-graduate student Zhong Shuheng came to Ningbo to do sketching. In half an hour before they left by train, Mr. Wu sketched a picture of the scenery alongside the road, which is the sketch Ningbo Watertown. He’d been designing this work for many years and had finally produced it as ink and wash painting in 1988 and later as an oil painting in 1994. According to research on Mr. Wu’s narration, the antitype of the work A Pair of Swallow stood a good chance to be the flower island Yuan’s house, which was now rebuilt into Ningbo Tea Museum.

At Beijing 2018 Poly International Autumn Auction "Modern and Contemporary Art Evening Session", two of Wu Guanzhong's most prized works, A Pair of Swallow, created in ink and color in 1988 and another in oil in 1994, sold for 54.05 million RMB and 112.7 million RMB, respectively.

It is reported that the total construction period of the upgrade project of Tianyi Pavilion Museum and Moon lake (phase Ⅱ) is about 3 months, with a total investment of about 20 million RMB, mainly involving the Tianyi Pavilion Square, Mana Street and the north-south area of Moon Lake, the transformation is mainly divided into landscape gardening engineering and scenic lighting project


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