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Listing of enterprises to promote the second-time entrepreneurship

It was noted by Shi Huifang, deputy secretary of Cixi Party Committee and Major of Cixi, at the conference of Focusing on the Listing of Enterprises, Promoting the Second-time Entrepreneurship that we must accelerate the process of enterprises going public to promote the second-time entrepreneurship and create advantages for Cixi’s development. Deputy major Xu Wendong and Wu Jiawei attended the conference.
The heads of companies from Xinhai Electrics, Xingrui Electronics, Jiangchen Automation, MASTE, Joy Plastic Packaging and so on made speeches at the conference, expressing their plans to promote the second-time entrepreneurship by transformation and upgrading, implementing technological innovation and seizing the opportunity brought by the listing of enterprises. They also gave their suggestions on how to accelerate the process of enterprises going public.

Shi Huifang pointed out after listening to the participants’ speeches that the listing of enterprises is of paramount importance to the local economy and the development of enterprises themselves. China attaches great importance to the development of capital market and has a series of measures to reform it in recent years. Cixi Party Committee and Government also emphasize the listing of enterprises and issued a series of favorable policies. Enterprises must seize the opportunity and take full advantage of New Third Board and other capital market platforms with firm confidence, correct direction and full preparation to make enterprises grow stronger.
Shi Huifang noted that private economy and private enterprises are the foundation of achieving the second-time entrepreneurship. Unleashing the vitality and creating advantages in this respect should be the priority of priorities. Listed enterprises and enterprises to be listed are vanguards and leading roles of Cixi’s economic development. Enterprises must grow stronger to promote the second-time entrepreneurship and focus on three aspects of Entrenching the foundation, Seeking transformation and upgrading through innovation, Seeking multiple-win outcomes through integration. He also pointed out that enterprises should try to create advantages for Cixi’s economic development and act as a pacesetter.
He also noted that government services are of great significance whether to the listing of enterprises or to the second-time entrepreneurship. The departments at all levels must focus on the development of enterprises, think for them, worry for them and provide better services for them. We must attach great importance to the listing of enterprises and take necessary measures to help enterprises get listed faster. Necessary and feasible measures must be taken in the best way possible to help enterprises solve difficulties. We must offer multiple services from all sides, promote communication and coordination, work together through cooperation and work extra harder on publicity and training activities to help more enterprises get listed and achieve the second-time entrepreneurship.

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