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Ningbo selected as a “city with greatest happiness index for entrepreneurs”

The happiness index of entrepreneurs is a special index of the economic development of a city.

On September 19, the 2023 Entrepreneurs’ Happiness Index Dialogue, hosted by the “Oriental Outlook” of Xinhua News Agency, was held in Taicang County of Suzhou. The first list for cities (and districts) with the strongest sense of happiness among entrepreneurs was released on-site. Ningbo was listed as one of the “cities with the strongest sense of happiness for entrepreneurs”, and Yuyao County was listed as one of the “districts with the strongest sense of happiness for entrepreneurs.

At the forum, city management staff, entrepreneurs, and experts and scholars from all over the country conducted in-depth discussions on promoting the manufacturing and high-quality development, and optimizing the business environment.

In recent years, Ningbo has endeavored to enhance happiness index  for entrepreneurs with the strong attraction of a first-class environment. By making breakthroughs in the streamlining of management and services, the “All in One Go” reform, and the digital reform, Ningbo has actively created an efficient, convenient, fair, and orderly business environment, and has basically built itself into a “city of paperless services” and a “city of online services via mobile phones”. Ningbo has become a demonstration zone for the construction of the national social credit system and one of the first national demonstration cities for the construction of a government of laws. Its business environment has remained among the top cities in China for four consecutive years, and its net talent inflow rate also ranks among the top in the country.

In order to further optimize the business environment, Ningbo will take the path of new industrialization, accelerate its construction as a global intelligent manufacturing and innovation capital, and strive to create a new high-quality development landscape with a significant leap in cluster level, the deepening of innovation and transformation, breakthroughs in the opening-up development, the upgrading of enterprises, and the optimizing of the business environment.

This forum is based on the survey and selection of the happiest cities in China. The Happy City Laboratory and the Business Intelligence Laboratory of Baidu Research Institute have developed an Entrepreneur Happiness Index model, which includes five primary indicators (namely enterprise efficiency cost, financial and legal service capabilities, talent and employment, policy environment and public service capabilities, and enterprise security) and dozens of secondary indicators. Through big data collection and online questionnaires, the model investigates entrepreneurs’ happiness perception of cities, to select the cities (and districts) with the strongest sense of happiness among entrepreneurs, providing important basis and reference for local governments to continuously optimize their business environment and enhance the attractiveness of the cities. As a result, 10 cities, including Ningbo, Chengdu, Suzhou, and Hangzhou, were awarded the 2023 “cities with the greatest entrepreneur happiness index”

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