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Tianyi Pavilion Museum offers “final exam” for primary students

At the final examination stage of primary school students in Haishu District, Tianyi Pavilion Museum and Haishu Central Primary School jointly launched the activity of “pavilion owner taking you ‘through’ the pavilion”, adopting high-tech means to make the museum research courses enter the paperless final evaluation of primary schools, as a part of the “double reduction” campaign.

The activity was held in the Ancient Exploration Center of the east campus of Haishu Central Primary School. It integrates the scientific and technological means of VR immersive experience and is an interactive intelligent experience combining sound, light and electricity effects. As long as students wear VR glasses and gently click the button on the handle, they can “step into” Tianyi Pavilion Museum, to explore the treasure library, and personally “feel” the internal structure and book collection of the library with a history of over 450 years. During the virtual tour, six interesting questions were set to promote pupils’ understanding of the Tianyi Pavilion Museum by means of learning in fun.

Under the background of the “double reduction” policy, Tianyi Pavilion Museum has actively developed some research projects to cooperate with many primary schools to organize immersive learning and project-based evaluation, so that students can learn the history and culture of Ningbo in interesting scenes, show their acquisition ability, promote diversified evaluation of education, and help build the schools’ comprehensive quality education system

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