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Ningbo Promotes Transportation Construction: 6 Major Projects Completed This Year, 7 New Projects Started

Six highway projects were completed or put into use, seven projects were newly started, and a number of pre-projects and ongoing projects also set the goal of "better and faster" than the original plan.

On August 19, the city’s first-place transportation action promotion meeting proposed that the entire region, full speed, and all employees, especially in key projects, must coordinate element guarantees, strictly control quality and safety, and promote projects to speed up and improve quality.

There are 6 major transportation projects planned to be completed in our city this year, including one expressway: the Shipu-Xinqiao section (Shipu connection) highway project of Ningbo Zhoushan Port Shipu Port Area Shenhai Expressway Connection Line. The project was originally planned to be completed and opened to traffic within this year. , And now strive to deliver the work for acceptance in November. It also includes a national road, the first phase of the reconstruction project of G329 National Road (Fuchunjiang Road-Chenhua Section), and four main roads in counties and townships. The four main roads in counties and townships include Shengshan-Lubu Highway (Henghe-Yucijie Section), Yanhu Road Reconstruction Project in Yinzhou District (Airport Road-Huanzhen Road), Shengshan-Lubu

Highway (Yucijie-Lubu Road) Port Section) and planning the north extension project of S206 Yuliang Highway. The top traffic leaders in Cixi, Yinzhou, and Yuyao where the project is located have all issued a “military order” of “striving for completion within the year”.

The 7 projects planned to start construction during the year include the Liuheng Highway Bridge of Ningbo Zhoushan Port from Meishan Interchange to Chaiqiao Junction, Hangzhou Bay Area Loop Parallel Line G92N (Hangyong Express Double Line) Ningbo Section Phase II, Hangzhou Bay Area Loop Parallel Line G92N (Hangyong Expressway double line) Cixi (Xinpu) service area and interconnection project, planned S309 Heliang Line Phase I (tunnel), Huyun Highway (Kandun Yong'an Road-New District Binhai Avenue Section) New Construction Project (Cixi Section), Cixi Hangzhou The first phase of the supporting infrastructure for the comprehensive development of the Bay Financial Port (the first phase of the Zhongheng Line Expressway), the Lanzhou-Zhou Road to Lancao Avenue connection project (the section from Beihuan West Road to Shiluqiao River). These projects were all started last month, and most of the responsible units put forward the goal of "over-fulfilling the investment target", and some units also made further requirements for the progress of the project. For example, on the basis of completing the annual investment target, Huyun Highway strives to achieve 80% of the roadbed filling progress and 60% of the bridge engineering.

It is understood that in the first seven months, the city has completed a total of 10.3 billion yuan in highway and water transport investment, accounting for 59.8% of the annual plan. The investment progress has exceeded the time schedule for the first time, and the trend is improving. Among them, there are 23 transportation projects with a total investment of more than 500 million yuan, including 6 guaranteed completion projects, 7 striving to start projects, and 10 continued construction projects, namely the "6710 Project". The person in charge of the Construction Management Office of the Municipal Transportation Bureau told: “The next step is to seize the prime time of nearly four and a half months, continue to implement wall chart operations, light up management, strengthen the whole service mechanism of marking people, marking things, and marking projects, and supervise The project has grasped every project node, coordinated the guarantee of the elements, and promoted the speed and quality of the project."

It is reported that, in addition to the speedy improvement of project construction, this year's transportation system will compete for the leading position. There are also 24 tasks including demonstration and pilot projects, evaluation tasks, improvement, reform and innovation, and industry governance services

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