A unified logo is hung at the outdoor labor post (harbor).

Category: Governmental News
Published: Wednesday, 11 August 2021 15:08

The first batch of Ningbo Outdoor Workers' Post (Harbor) was unveiled yesterday morning for sanitation workers, taxi drivers, traffic police, urban management, couriers and other outdoor workers. Set up a warm resting place.


The public welfare action of Ningbo Outdoor Workers' Post (Harbor) was led by the Ningbo Federation of Trade Unions, and 139 outdoor workers' posts (Harbor) were newly opened. In this new batch of outdoor workers’ stations (Harbor), equipped with refrigerators, air conditioners, water dispensers, microwave ovens, charging power strips and other daily necessities, outdoor workers can enjoy the coolness of air conditioners here, they can also drink water, recharge, heat up food, and get enough rest.


"These sites provide convenience for front-line outdoor workers and open up the'last mile' to serve outdoor workers." The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions said that trade union organizations at all levels will rely on the trade union employee service center to activate banks, pharmacies, etc. Social forces have joined together to vigorously promote the construction of the labor union's caring post system for outdoor workers, and strive to let the reform and development results benefit the broad masses of the people.


It is reported that, in order to lead the social welfare and help the construction and development of the "Labor Harbor", China Construction Bank relies on the CCB "Points Realize Dream·Workers Station (Harbor)" points donation platform to open a channel for CCB Dragon Cardholders to donate points. Yesterday, the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions also issued the "Workers' Post (Harbor)" charity action proposal: If caring people from all walks of life want to contribute to the "Workers' Harbor", they can log in to the CCB Mobile Banking and Laborer Harbor APP to follow China Donate points from the official account of China Construction Bank or the official website of China Construction Bank, buy "love water", "warm package", and "good enterprise donation" to help this charity cause through small points