Beilun speeds up “Youth Beilun” construction

Category: Governmental News
Published: Wednesday, 11 August 2021 15:03

“We will increase the reward for young people’s contribution and give new employed young people in the area certain subsidies for individual income tax. We will enhance support for the settlement of foreign young people by setting up the youth settlement fund.” Recently, Beilun District of Ningbo held a youth development conference, and the “Youth Beilun” 3.0 policy was released, serving as a new driving force for the gathering and development of youth in the free trade zone.

Since being selected into the first pilot counties (or districts) for the implementation of medium and long-term youth development plan in China, Beilun District has been continuously promoting the “Youth Beilun” construction. By integrating the youth development into the overall consideration of the 14th Five-year Plan of the whole region, Beilun District aims to make the youth population account for more than 40% of the population of the district by 2025, and to attract more young power for the acceleration of the construction of a strong port, a strong district, a demonstration pilot area for common prosperity and Zhejiang Free Trade Zone. “The open Beilun calls for the efforts of youth, and the developed Beilun promotes the development of youth in return! We warmly invite aspiring young people

at home and abroad to gather and settle down in Beilun, so as to create a better future and share the development achievements of Beilun District.” said one of the main leaders of the district. According to the data, since the launch of the “Youth Beilun” construction, by the end of June this year, Beilun District had a net population increase of 51,300 permanent young people aged from 18 to 35, accounting for 35.5% of the total, an increase of 3.7 percentage points over that of the end of 2018.

Intensive policies have been introduced to provide development paths for the youth. With a respect to the needs of youth growth and changed situations, the district has built up a youth work system, introduced youth growth measures and created a youth development environment accordingly. Since 2019, Beilun District has implemented zero settlement threshold for registered residence, education and professional titles. It has formulated one new youth development policy per year. So far, 30 related opinions have been issued and the policy system for youth development has been improving.

Focus has been put on high-quality services to gather the strength of youth development. The district has always regarded promoting youth development as the common responsibility of the whole society, forming a new pattern of youth development led by the government and participated by enterprises, social organizations and the public in joint hands. The overall planning has been strengthened in terms of job stabilization and employment, career development and talent training, to motivate the greatest driving force of youth development. With the strong support of all the departments concerned in Beilun District, by the end of June this year, the “Queen’s Shop”, the first free trade shop for imported goods exhibition in Ningbo, was grandly opened, quickly becoming a popular online-famous location.

Urban quality has been improved and the youth development ecology has achieved great innovation. The district has systematically created the image of a youth district that is suitable for living, industry and tourism", by carrying out a series of activities with such themes as starting a career and seeking knowledge, successively organizing over 1,200 enterprises to carry out the national tours of talent attraction, issuing 10 million yuan of youth training vouchers, and holding over 800 training courses (completing the training of more than 130,000 young people in total). The maximum credit granted to youth start-up entities was 10 million yuan, and a total of 202 operating interest discount credits of 205 million yuan have been granted