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Ningbo technology transaction volume reached 20.59 billion yuan in the first 8 months

"It is urgent to cooperate in the research and development of high thermal conductivity graphene heat dissipation film materials to solve the pain points of 5G mobile phone heat dissipation." Recently, Huafeng Packaging Co., Ltd. pay a high price of 10 million yuan to find technology, which attracted many innovative teams to come to negotiate. Chairman Chen Yifeng said that he hopes to develop long-term cooperation with domestic and foreign universities and institutes to solve common problems in this field. At present, Huafeng is cooperating with relevant scientific research institutes and other teams to invest more than 20 million yuan in related equipment and research and development, and is determined to make the heat dissipation film the world's first in the industry through technological innovation.

Enterprises release their needs and governments summarizes common problems and formulates special projects and invites national innovation teams to solve the problems. Model like this has become the "last mile" for Ningbo to get through the transformation of

scientific and technological achievements and break through the key core technology "bottleneck" problem. From January to August this year, Ningbo completed 20.59 billion yuan of technology transactions, a year-on-year increase of 96%.

Turning the technological "bottleneck" in the development of enterprises into the projects of the institutes, Ningbo has opened up communication channels through the two-way docking meeting between institutes and enterprises. This year, Ningbo launched a series of "100 days and 100 games" activities to promote the establishment of stable cooperative relations between 1,000 technical experts of the industrial technology research institutes and more than 500 key enterprises in our city. At present, Ningbo has held a total of 68 institute-enterprise matchmaking meetings, with more than 10,000 participants and more than 400 scientific and technological achievements.  

"In the process of face-to-face communication with companies, we can learn more about customer needs and market feedback, which has a two-way promotion for both supply and demand as a "catalyst"." Dr. Zhang Bo from South Center of Central Academy of Mechanical Sciences Said like this. Through a matchmaking event, South Center signed an agreement with Ningbo Ruyi Co., Ltd. and other seven companies to cooperate in the fields of high-performance brazing materials and special tools.  

According to the common problems of enterprises, Ningbo has launched major scientific and technological projects, focusing on the "246" industrial clusters and the industrial chain to strengthen the chain. At present, Ningbo has released a list of 150 major special projects for the world, with a total of over 3.5 billion yuan. Up to now, this model has attracted 232 teams from 20 well-known colleges and universities, 37 industrial technology research institutes, and 26 individual champion companies at home and abroad to receive the projects for breakthrough. Through two-way selection and multi-party demonstration, they work together to overcome scientific research difficulties and technical problems

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