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Waste classification "black technology" demonstrates national creativity

With the release of the "four-color list" of the classification quality of domestic waste in Ningbo in March this year, the city's streets and communities have gradually begun to "catch up with learning". In order to improve the quality of classification, many citizens realize that some garbage bags must be broken and some supervision facilities must be updated. Creativity has become the “motive force” of classification, and more and more “black technologies” are eye-catching. 

"In the community, the food waste bag must be broken before it is placed into the dustbin. But what should people do if the swill touches the hands and smells too much? This 'bag break technology' can solve the problem perfectly, and will not get your hands dirty at all!" Recently, in Ziwei Community, Yuehu Street, Haishu District, Aunt Li, under the guidance of Master Zhao, the supervisor at the side of the bucket, skillfully completed the whole process of dropping the bag.  

The main body of this "bag-breaking device" is a stainless steel tray, which just fits on the sanitation trash can. Gently pull the garbage bag toward the sawtooth, the garbage bag was immediately "opened" and all the kitchen waste was scattered into the tray. After picking out the “fish that slipped through the net” such as paper towels with tongs, turn the rocker on the side of the bucket, and the bottom of the tray will automatically open like shutters, and the “carefully selected” kitchen waste will automatically fall into the bucket for precise placement. All in one go".

Coincidentally, in Gulin Town, Haishu District, a 70-year-old pail-side supervisor volunteer Fang Wenxi also used a long pole and a double-headed fish hook to make a "bag breaking device". The bags of kitchen waste in the bucket can be easily opened by picking it up with a special fish hook, and the sorting situation inside can be seen at a glance.

"Since Fang Wenxi, a veteran party member, has been absent from bucket side supervision for a day since he took office in May this year," the secretary of the Fengyuan community in Gulin Town told him that he also helped residents renovate the trash can and installed the trash can without pedals. With a ropeway pull push rod, residents can throw away trash without lifting the lid of the trash can with their hands.

In addition to innovations in the delivery link, in terms of facilities and equipment, "technological elements" also flashed frequently.

The garbage room in the Old Bund of Jiangbei is equipped with a sophisticated urban management and monitoring platform in Jiangbei District, and has a "smart brain". It not only realizes the work of collecting buckets, data inspection, unmanned intelligent management, and intelligent notification of garbage violations, but also realized that the neighborhood merchants can receive the bucket without touching, overcoming the cumbersome operation of paper registration, the difficulty of finding buckets, and the insufficient basis for classification law enforcement punishment. 

The garbage transfer station of Chaiqiao Street in Beilun District has established the city's first professional garbage bin automatic cleaning system. In just one minute, the dirty trash can can be cleaned, greatly reducing the burden on the frontline garbage removal staff.  

Behind all kinds of "black technologies", what is condensed is the efforts of the government, enterprises, and citizens to explore the work of garbage classification. Yu Ning, deputy director of the Municipal Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau, said that in the digital era, garbage classification is also expected to become more convenient and smarter

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