Ningbo to build world-class green petrochemical industrial cluster

Category: Governmental News
Published: Friday, 09 October 2020 14:58

At the press conference of the China International Petroleum Chemical Industry Congress held on the afternoon of September 22, Ningbo announced to the media from all over the country that during the 14th Five-year Plan period, Ningbo will invest about 400 billion yuan in the construction of a range of petrochemical new materials projects. The output value of the green petrochemical industry will exceed one billion yuan, making it a world-class green petrochemical industrial cluster.

“As a leader in the cultivation of the ‘246’ billion-level industrial clusters, Ningbo has the basis and potential for building the trillion-level industrial clusters and the globally leading green petrochemical industrial base.” said Tong Honggen, Deputy Director of Ningbo Economic and Information Technology Bureau, at the press conference.

There are now over 280 large-scale petrochemical enterprises

, forming a complete industrial system and the basic whole industrial chain. By taking advantage of its good port conditions, the green petrochemical industry in Ningbo has improved its clustering level, with the three clustering areas of Zhenhai block, Beilun block and Daxie block.

Currently, there is one 100 billion-level petrochemical enterprise, seven 10 billion-level ones, and 25 billion-level ones. The total output value of the large-scale petrochemical enterprises stands at 360.97 billion yuan, accounting for about one fifth of that of all the large-scale enterprises in Ningbo, ranking among the top of the seven national petrochemical industrial bases in terms of industrial scale.

In future, Ningbo will build the trillion-level green petrochemical industry, with the focus on four aspects. Firstly, the industrial chain will expand to the high end. With the new materials industrial chain of the petrochemical industry as a starting point, Ningbo will expand the industry further to complete the transformation from the basic general petrochemical products to the high-end petrochemical new materials and to promote the sustainable high-end extension of the industrial value chain.

Innovation is the first driving force to build industrial clusters. Ningbo will further enhance the level of industrial innovation and build a number of innovation platforms. Taking the construction of the three platforms, including the New Materials Research Institute of Sinopec, Ningbo Innovation Center of Shanghai Organic Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Wanhua New Materials Research Institute, as an opportunity to increase support for innovation platforms and innovative entity enterprises, Ningbo will guide the enterprises in their innovation and development.

“Greenness” will be another keyword for the building of the trillion-level industrial cluster. In the following period, Ningbo will promote the circular development of the industrial park, and start Ningbo Coastal Public Corridor Co., Ltd. for the construction of the coastal public corridor. It will also promote integration and upgrading of such industrial zones as Ningbo Petrochemical Economic and Technological Development Zone, Daxie Development Zone, and Beilun Port Industrial Zone, and form the cycles at different levels to maximize the benefits of resources and reduce production costs for enterprises