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The Integrated Application of Electronic Business License and Electronic Seal in Ningbo

Since August, the digitalized “1+0” mode for opening enterprise in Ningbo has been officially launched. According to this mode, a newly opened enterprise can simultaneously obtain an electronic business license, electronic seal and tax UKey. This is another innovative measure taken by the city to further reduce the time for opening enterprises, to improve the convenience of setting up enterprises, and to stimulate the entrepreneurial and innovative vitality of market subject. Ningbo is the second city in China to implement the integrated application of electronic business license and electronic seal after Shanghai.

What is “1+0” mode? According to the director of the Administrative Examination and Approval Division of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, “1” refers to the integration of seal making and invoice application into the business establishment process, achieving “1 link” completion; “0” refers to zero cost, i.e., the newly opened enterprise will obtain free electronic business license, electronic seal, tax UKey at the same time. The director said, “We have integrated all the online links and business systems of enterprise establishment to achieve ‘one-time login, one-network operation’. We will extend the enterprise establishment window to various bank outlets and provide one-stop service offline through deepening the cooperation between government and banks.”

It is understood that the simultaneous issuance of electronic business licenses and electronic seals is a part of the reform initiated by the State Council to streamline administration, delegate powers, and improve regulation and services.  It is also part of Zhejiang Province’s “10+N Facilitation Action Plan” (Version 2.0) for the optimization of the business environment.

In the past, after receiving an electronic business license, a newly established company had to apply for a seal, tax control equipment, etc., which involved many steps and a long process. By accelerating digital transformation, Ningbo optimizes the entire online platform for business opening, upgrades the invoice application module, and rebuilds the enterprise seal making process, so as to fuse the data from different platforms, including the electronic business license platform, the Zhejiang unified electronic seal service platform, and the Zhejiang seal public security management information system. In this way, the simultaneous issuance of electronic business license and electronic seal is realized. This mode has a positive effect on further improving the level of government services, helping enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency, and optimize the business environment in Ningbo.

According to reports, the improved electronic business license and electronic seal have a number of convenient functions such as applying on the phone, authorizing to use, remembering at any time, and checking without worries. Among them, the authorization and verification system can also provide services such as information verification, and online behavior confirmation. For example, enterprise identity verification could be completed through remote checking, and banking business processing problems could be solved.

On August 5, Ms. Duan of Ningbo Yanding Trading Co., Ltd., completed all the procedures for business opening on her mobile phone under the guidance of the staff of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau. And she said, “it is so convenient!”

It is reported that there will be extensive and in-depth integrated applications of electronic business licenses and electronic seals in fields of high-frequency enterprise services such as government services, community services, medical education, public transportation, cultural and sports tourism, and financial services, in addition to the application in the business field

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