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C30 Ningbo Consensus released by Global Cloud Computing Conference

The “C30: closed-door conference of 30  leaders”, jointly sponsored by Ningbo Big Data Development Administration,  Ningbo Bureau of Service Development and the Informa Markets, was held on the  afternoon of July 21 at the Pan Pacific Hotel of Ningbo. 30 representatives  from governments, enterprises and research institutions attended the  conference and discussed about such topics as the new infrastructure  construction, 5G + industrial Internet, and the new-generation digital  treatment. As a result of their discussion, the C30 Ningbo Consensus was  finalized and released.

Firstly, the epidemic outbreak is both a  challenge and a chance, especially for such fields as big data, artificial  intelligence and cloud computing. These digital

techniques will be encouraged  for the sharing and construction of the data system and efficient promotion  of the digitalized transformation of governments.

Secondly, based on big data and cloud  computing, the technology support system, the data resources system, the  comprehensive application system, the standard regulation system and the  information security system will be established, the public health treatment  capacity will be enhanced, and the public health system will be improved.

Thirdly, the construction of big data  centers for urban integration will be accelerated to develop the new  infrastructure and improve the new development energy. The 5G new  infrastructure should focus on the cloud software and data. Through the  development of unified modules, the services and tools will be provided to further  expand the open data cooperation, deepen the creation of application  scenarios, vigorously cultivate the digital economy, and actively create the big-data  industrial ecology for the Yangtze River Delta area and even the whole  country.

Fourthly, the digitalized transformation  will promote the high-quality development of manufacturing. To coordinate the  conflicts between supply and demand and to meet the personalized needs of  different industries, the industrial Internet platforms will be built with  the focus on the transformation and development of the industrial clusters.  The understanding of the industries will be deepened for the digital  integration services suitable for the industrial supply chains. The online  and offline models will be combined to develop the integrated service  capacity of both software and hardware.

Fifthly, the unified data collection will  help to enhance the coordinated interaction between government, industry and  research. Led by the government departments, all the industries and  departments will cooperate to jointly promote the R&D breakthroughs of  the key technologies and key components as well as the innovations of the  science and technology system, promote the clouding of all the related links,  strengthen the industrial standards, and accelerate the setting of standards  and their application

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