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39 sci-tech achievements of Ningbo win provincial awards

The Science and Technology Awarding Ceremony of Zhejiang Province was held on the morning of July 17 in Hangzhou, at which 39 scientific and technological achievements led or participated by universities, research institutions or enterprises of Ningbo won the awards

Statistics show that among the 39 award winners, 21 are led or participated by Ningbo enterprises, accounting for 54% of the total. Then in terms of the industrial domains, the award winning achievements are mainly related to such major fields as industrial internet, new materials, life and health, and modern agriculture, and

many of them are closely connected with the “246” billion-level industrial clusters. In terms of the scientific research capacity, the natural science prizes and technological invention prizes account for 26% of the total, marking the further improvement of the original innovation capacity and steady enhancement of the basic research and application basic research capacity of Ningbo.

Among others, the “independent R&D and industrialization of the intelligent driving platform of vehicles”, jointly accomplished by Zhejiang Geely Holdings Co. Ltd. and Geely Automobile Institute (Ningbo) Co. Ltd. won the second prize for scientific and technological progress. The “key technology and application of the high-precision fin shaping”, independently developed by Ningbo Rongzhi Automation Technology Co. Ltd., which could fill the technological gap of the domestic market by significantly improving the heat exchange efficiency of the new-energy automobiles, fuel cells, communications base stations and the aerospace field, won the second prize for technological inventions. The “research on the discovery and efficient preparation of the leading compounds of natural drugs” jointly completed by Ningbo University and Zhejiang University won the second prize for natural sciences

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