2020 Ningbo Food Safety Promotion Week starts

Category: Governmental News
Published: Monday, 27 July 2020 14:26

The picture shows students are visiting the city's food safety technology service platform to learn about food safety knowledge. (Photo by Wang Lan and Zhu Wenwei)

On the morning of July 10, the 2020 Ningbo Food Safety Promotion Week event was launched in Gaoxin Plaza, Haishu District.

In 2020, the Food Safety Publicity Week of our city takes the theme of "Food safety is a shared responsibility", focusing on the publicity week as an opportunity to actively spread the knowledge of food safety to the public, to strengthen the sense of responsibility of food production and operation enterprises as the main body of food safety, to improve the public's participation, satisfaction and sense of access to food safety, and to create a strong atmosphere for food safety social co-governance, co-management and sharing.  

In 2020, our city will continue to implement the "Quality Supermarket Demonstration Leading Action", further strengthen supermarket food safety management, and implement the responsibility of food safety entity. At present, the city has assessed 12 provincial-level "safety meat demonstration supermarkets" and 32 Ningbo "food safety demonstration supermarkets". By the end of the year, there will be more than 100 quality demonstration supermarkets in Ningbo.

Ningbo will continue to actively explore and deepen food safety liability insurance. At present, the Ningbo model of "common insurance + risk fund", "public welfare + business", "service + prevention and control" food liability insurance has achieved full coverage of public welfare insurance, and the quality of commercial insurance has been expanded. As of the end of 2019, the city's accumulated premiums were 69.95 million yuan, with an insured amount of 19.63 billion yuan, ranking first in the province and at the forefront of the country.  

It is reported that the Ningbo Municipal Market Supervision Bureau will focus on releasing a batch of food and beverage safety "red and black lists" during the publicity week, urging the catering service units to fulfill the responsibility of food safety, and jointly promoting the establishment of a food safety integrity system