Welcome to Ningbo: Ningbo launches 2020 summer and autumn tourist routines

Category: Governmental News
Published: Monday, 27 July 2020 14:24

Recently, Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism launched 2020 Ningbo Summer and Autumn Tourist Routine Brochure. The brochure includes 23 tourist routines in Ningbo in summer and autumn, helping tourists find the beauty of Ningbo.

 The public can get brochures freely at hotels, homestays and some of the scenic spot consulting centers.

 In summer, you can pick the fruits in the fields with your family. Beaches and avenues are good places to escape the heat. Besides, you can ride around

Dongqian Lake, enjoy sunshine and beaches in Meishan Bay, explore delicious food in the Old Bund of Ningbo…

 Autumn is a season for travel. It is the best time to visit Siming Mountain, with crimson maple leaves and sequoia groves in Siming Lake. In addition, Hangzhou Bay National Wetland Park and Yuehu park are also hot spots.

 Tour of Jiangnan Ancient Buildings

D1: Cicheng Old Town—The Old Bund

D2: Baoguo Temple

Comment: Here maintains the old memory of Jiangbei.

 Tour of Lakes and Culture

D1: Zhaobao Hill Scenic Spot—The Air Defense Expo Park of China—Zhenhai Coastal Defense History Museum—Jiulonghu Tourism Holiday Resort

D2: Jiulonghu Tourism Holiday Resort—Hengxi Village

Comment: This routine makes you understand the culture and spirit of sea defense and you can also enjoy a beautiful scenery of lakes and mountains in Zhenhai.

 Two-day Tour of Maritime Silk Road

D1: “Ningbo Show·A Gateway to the World” (In Show City)—Wanboyu Yacht Club—Wannian Iyara Seascape Hotel

D2: China Ports Museum

Comment: You can watch“Ningbo Show·A Gateway to the World” and visit China Ports Museum, the only national ports museum in China.

 Tour of Xuedou Mountain

D1: Statue of Buddha Maitreya Scenic Spot—Scenic Spot of Chiang Kai-shek’s Former Residence

D2: Juicy Peach Baes—Rafting

Comment: You can visit Jiangnan ancient towns and good scenery of Xuedou Mountain, tasting famous juicy peaches.

 Tour of Siming Mountain in Autumn

D1: Hemudu Site—The Colourful Valley—Yangming Hotspring Villa

D2: Jinguan Old Village—Former Residence of Wang Yangming

Comment: You can feel the autumn of the Colourful Valley and learn more about the Wang Yangming philosophical ideas.

 Coastal Leisure Tour

D1: Our Sea Water Park—Banbian Mountain Scenic Spot

D2: Fishing

Comment: You can enjoy the summer in Our Sea Water Park, plays waters in Banbian Mountain Scenic Spot and catch fish on yachts.

 Tour of Hangzhou Bay

D1: Ningbo Hangzhou Bay National Wetland Park—Haitian Yizhou—Ningbo Empark Grand Hotel

D2: Oriental Heritage

Comment: It is a perfect tour combining Chinese culture and modern tourism industry