Abundant power supply promotes Ningbo’s economy

Category: Governmental News
Published: Friday, 08 May 2020 12:57

Since the beginning of 2020, Ningbo Power Supply Company of the State Grid has given full play to the important role of the “six forces” it plays as a state-owned enterprises, to create an optimal business environment and deepen the application of the big data of electricity in supporting the production resumption of the major enterprises and projects as well as the SMEs, thus pressing the “accelerating button” of power supply for the economic and social development of Ningbo.

To guarantee production of SMEs

“Every day, we produce a large number of mold products in our assembly lines, and 80% of them will be sold in the domestic market, and 20%, in the foreign market. These days we are very busy, and our workers have to work overtime even on the weekend”, said Zhang Qunfeng, General Manager of Ningbo Zhenzhi Mechanical Mold Co. Ltd. on April 1 at the quality-testing

workshop of the company. As the company received a large number of orders at the end of 2019, the workers have been busy since February 11, when they resumed work.

In addition to the large number of orders, the beneficial policies of power supply have also been a great relief to the busy production. From February to March, the company realized a reduction of power expense by 50,000 yuan. In the industrial park, 76 qualified enterprises have enjoyed a total power cost reduction of about two million yuan. According to the estimation of the power supply company, with the current beneficial policy, it can decrease the electricity expense of related enterprises by 990 million yuan.
Besides the cost reduction, the company has also cooperated with banks to provide loans for the enterprises concerned. In cooperation with such banks as the People’s Bank of China, the Construction Bank, the Bank of China and the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the power supply company has provided the power use big data integrating amount of power, trend of power use and electricity payment credit, to help the banks to develop the credit products for SMEs based on the combination of banking finance and big data of power. The big data lead to the precise loans of the banks with less risks and a rapid financing to the small, medium and micro enterprises.

Both actions have helped the SMEs to solve their current difficulties, showing the efforts of the company in overcoming the hardship with the SMEs in joint hands.

To create a better business environment

On March 2, as an important business partner of such internationally well-known Tesla, ZF, Polestar, NIO and Magna and some first-class car suppliers, Ningbo Xusheng Automobile Technology Co. Ltd. applied on the online platform of the State Grid to increase the power supply by 5,000 kilovolt, and the power supply company approved the application completed the expansion within a week.

In fact, this surprising speed is only the “normal practice” of the power supply company.

On March 9, the designers and workers started the on-site inspection and the deployment of materials, and the Shuangshi Mushroom Cooperative received the power supply plan in the evening. Then the next day, the power was on for the cooperative. “It is done within two days! We can now produce at full capacity to meet the coming production and sales season.” said He Junke, head of the cooperative.

With the machines roaring, assembly lines running, the workers carefully check fit the masks into boxes in 50. The ten production lines are fully productive and can produce 1.5 million disposable medical masks per day. The company submitted the power capacity increase scheme for a new 800-kilovolt transformer, and the power was on within four days. “What an amazing speed!” said Chen Xiaohu, head of Ningbo Xinlun Ultra-clean Technology Co. Ltd.

The ever-increasing efficiency and satisfaction from clients are a reflection of the optimization of the business expansion links and the acceleration of the business expansion construction of Ningbo Power Supply Company