Ningbo Maritime Safety Administration launches 51 government services

Category: Governmental News
Published: Monday, 06 April 2020 13:30

Recently, Ningbo Maritime Safety Administration of PRC launched services to inform citizens in government processing. The first beneficiary was “Yongda 519”, a Ningbo cargo ship, as it received Certificate Of Registry within only 2 hours. This addressed its pressing need of operation after transferring its ownership.

Certificate Of Registry is important to demonstrate the nationality, port and ownership of the ship, which is tightly connected with the construction, operation and trade. A valid certificate of ship inspect is necessary for the approval of Certificate Of Registry as it can prove the ship’s condition.

To further improve processing efficiency, provide convenience for businesses, and help shipping companies resume work, Ningbo Maritime Safety Administration of PRC recently started to trial services to inform citizens in government processing. “According to sailing time of ships, we approve ships in urgent needs firstly and then do some check, thus winning time for companies”, said people in charge. Yongda 519 finished the application in 5 minutes, and the original 5-day processing was shortened to 2 hours.

Those with good credit are exempt from some application files and check of original copies by signing up letters of commitment. Currently, 51 items are launched to simplify application files, which eases the burden of companies and the public. Take the approval items of ships with hazardous and polluted goods as am example, the letter could spare them from more than 4 files like entrustment certificate, identity certificate, wharf and port operation license, and wharf security certificate. And a total of 400 thousand files could be exempted for applicants.

The administration plans the government service system based on “credit” for the next step. On the basis of applicants’ credit, they would provide category services and post-surveillance, thus making the management more scientific, convenient, and modern