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Public data collecting and monitoring platform for charging facilities launched

The public data collecting and monitoring platform for the charging facilities at the municipal level, developed by Ningbo Power Supply Company of the State Grid, was officially launched on January 21.

The emergence of this platform is closely related to the continuous expansion of the new energy vehicle market. By the end of 2019, the number of new energy vehicles in Ningbo had exceeded 40,000, including 124,000 private cars, 3,800 buses and 188,000 rental vehicles. Accordingly, such enterprises as Ningbo Power Supply Company, TGOOD, Ningbo Lvjie, Yongyichong and Star Charging have built a number of charging facilities.

Reportedly, the platform aims to meet the demands of 50,000 charging poles, with the functions of data access and management, operating monitoring, and operation data analysis.

So far, the platform has integrated 13 charging facility operators, 830 charging stations and 6,939 charging poles. The daily maximum charging capacity is over 500,000 KWH, and the accumulative charging capacity is 163 million KWH.

Meanwhile, the company has launched the “Ningbo Charging” APP to provide the information inquiry, intelligent navigation and evaluation service. The new energy vehicle owners can find the nearest and most affordable charging stations by using the APP when necessary

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