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Ningbo becomes a “dark horse” domestic city for tourism during the Spring Festival

On the afternoon of January 17, the, a prominent online tourist website in China, issued the list of the “top ten dark horse domestic city for tourism during the Spring Festival of 2020”, in which Ningbo ranked No.6, only next to Jiuzhaigou, Lishui, Fuzhou, Shantou and Tengchong.

Since the beginning of 2019, with the deep integration of culture and tourism in Ningbo, the new image of Ningbo’s tourism with the theme of “ancient port of the marine silk road, and smiling Ningbo” has gradually gained popularity, and more and more tourists have come to Ningbo to enjoy the unique charm of the marine silk road culture, the Buddha kingdom of sea, the living style of the bay and the delicious seafood. The Ctrip data show that the number of tourists to Ningbo for the Spring Festival of 2020 is expected to increase by 51% over the previous year. In terms of age groups of the tourists, the largest number

goes to those born in the 1980s, accounting for 25% of the total, and those born in the 2000s account for 13%. The top ten scenic spots with the highest popularity in Ningbo are the Dongqian Lake, the Xikou Scenic Area, the Romon Universal Park, the Fanta Oriental Heritage, the Old Bund, the Tianyi Square, the Nantang Old Street, Ningbo Museum, the Ninghai Forest Hot Springs and the Dapeng Mountain Tourist Resort.

In order to entertain the local citizens and outside tourists, Ningbo has prepared a large “Spring Festival feast of tourism” for the Spring Festival of 2020. With the three major themes of “greeting the new year”, “celebrating the new year” and “having fun in winter”, the city will launch over 1,000 high-quality cultural tourist activities, including lantern fairs, temple fairs, village Spring Festival galas, painting and calligraphy exhibitions, and intangible cultural heritage fairs.

Several days ago, “Our Chinese Dream: the 2020 Spring Festival Celebration Gala”, a large-scale brand program of CCTV, selected Ningbo as a branch venue for recording. On January 23rd, the program will be broadcast on the CCTV Integrated Channel and the Variety Channel. At that time, the Ningbo citizens will see such places of Ningbo as the Tianyi Pavilion Museum, Ningbo-Zhoushan Port, the Zhengs’ Former Residence, the Dongqian Lake and the Hengkantou Village on TV.

The lantern fairs are a must for the Spring Festival celebration. Since the New Year’s Day, several lantern fairs have been held, including those at the Fanta Oriental Heritage Park, the Daren Village of Jiangbei District, the Xiaowangmiao Town of Fenghua District, the Changjie Town of Ninghai County and the Zhaobao Mountain of Zhenhai District. In addition, such characteristic activities as the intangible cultural heritage fairs, the folk custom experience activities, and the movie & TV temple fairs. On the first five days of the lunar new year, the Xikou Scenic Area will witness such activities as the Spring Festival praying, the intangible cultural heritage fairs and the folk custom parades. At the Xiangshan Film and TV City, from the Spring Festival to the Lantern Festival, some theme activities will be held, including the “going back to the Republic of China period”, the “movie and film stars celebrating the Spring Festival”, and the “lion dance celebrations”

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