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"Marine Silk Road" Recitation Contest rounded off

On September 7, the final of the "Marine Silk Road" Recitation Contest for young reciters, one of the theme activities of the 2019 Marine Silk Road Culture and Tourism Festival of Yinzhou District, came to a successful end at the Red Dowry Bookstore of Ningbo Cultural Plaza. The winners of the contest will then serve as the "little ambassadors" and "little spokespersons" of Ningbo for spreading the marine silk road culture.

 At the contest, the young candidates recited with great passion some original works based on the marine silk road culture of Ningbo, showing their pride for being a Ningboer. The final is conducted in the two groups of bigger children and young children. Finally, 10 candidates, including Fang Lishu, Gu Chang, Yan Jingshu and Cai Yuxuan, won the “Gold Microphone Award”, 15 candidates won the “Silver Microphone Award” and 25 won the title of "star

of outlook" for the Marine Silk Road Recitation Contest. 

 The contest, jointly held by the Publicity Department of Yinzhou District Party Committee and Yinzhou District Bureau of Education, aims to identify a group of young reciters to help spread the marine silk road culture and spirit. The contest has lasted for two months, with the preliminary, the semi-final and the final, attracting over 2,400 participants from the primary schools and kindergartens of Ningbo. During the period of the contest, the candidates for the semi-final were organized to visit Ningbo Museum and take part in other study or training activities.

 Besides their strengthened love for reciting, the candidates have obtained a deeper understanding of the local history and culture and the marine silk road culture. The parents of the candidates have also learned a lot. "Ningbo is a starting port of the marine silk road, and it is quite significant to conduct such an activity to help the children to learn more about our city’s history and culture. In the meantime, we parents have also learned a lot about the marine silk road culture and become more proud of Ningbo, a city with a profound cultural background", said the mother of a candidate.

 "A child is the center of a family and the study and growth of the child may promote the study of the entire family. With over 2,400 children taking part in the activity, it has helped to attract over 10,000 people to learn about the marine silk road culture, which is a very effective way of spreading the culture", said Li Hao, who is in charge of the "Haoge Reading", the convergence media platform undertaking the contest.

Reportedly, the campus bases for the "Small Trumpet Art Troupe for Marine Silk Road" have been established in such ten primary schools or kindergartens as the Lanqing Primary School, Ningbo Xincheng No.l Experiment School, Yinzhou Experimental Primary School, the Dongnan Primary School, and the Huatai Primary School. The education and culture departments concerned will help to improve the artistic quality of the "small trumpet" group by taking advantage of the bases. "We hope that the winners of the contest will become a major force for publicizing the city image and the marine silk road culture", said Li Hao

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