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Three-year Treatment Action for Small Towns makes a difference

In September 2016, Ningbo launched the “comprehensive environmental treatment action of small towns”, aiming to solve the environmental problems of small towns of the city and realize their beautifying transformation within three years. On August 21 this year, the administration office of the treatment action of small towns released the “answer sheet” of the treatment to the citizens. After three year’s treatment, a large number of towns and townships in the city have achieved the beautiful transformation, and a range of clean towns, energetic towns and featured towns have sprung up in the city. All the 112 towns and townships of Ningbo have passed the examination and checking of the province, and 67 small towns have been included in the lists of the provincial or municipal model towns.

According to the statistics, over the three years, Ningbo has treated about 1.97 million tons of waste, 970,000 square meters of bare walls, 5.04 million square meters of blue roofs and 4.99 square meters of building

facades along the streets. All the towns and townships have been built as the “health towns or townships” at the municipal level, and an extra 46 towns or townships have become the health towns or townships at the provincial level. Currently, a number of towns or townships are making efforts to build the national health towns or townships.   

The infrastructure facilities of a large number of towns, townships and streets have been improved. 187 garbage transfer stations and 154 markets of farm produce have been built or re-built. The newly added park green-land area has reached 1.67 square meters and the newly built green track area, 620 kilometers. Over 600 parking lots have been built with about 59,000 new parking units. 19.432 square meters of illegal construction buildings have been demolished, with 13.833 square meters of the area reused for other purposes.

By taking advantage of the treatment action and based on the unique natural and cultural resources of themselves, the small towns have taken on new looks. Among all the 47 towns and townships that passed the examination of 2017, ten (like Cicheng Town of Jiangbei District and Dayan Town of Fenghua District) have been selected as the provincial model towns or townships. 25 out of the 57 towns or townships that passed the examination in 2018 became the provincial models, including the Hengxi Town of Yinzhou District and the Gaoqiao Town of Haishu District. Then among the eight towns or townships that passed the examination this year, four became the provincial models, including the Dongwu Town of Yinzhou District and the Chunhu Town of Fenghua District. In addition, 28 small towns have become the municipal model towns. To sum up, the amount of the model towns at the provincial or municipal level accounts for about 60% of all the towns in Ningbo

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