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Aquatic experts help farmers with shrimp problems

"The heavy rainfall brought by the typhoon will cause changes in the water environment of the shrimp pond. The vannamei will have a stress reaction and have the disease." In the past few days, the city's aquatic experts went to some fishery ponds in Cixi to guide farmers to carry out post-disaster disposal, relieving the stress of shocked shrimp.

There are many fish and shrimp ponds in Huangshan, Guanhaiwei Town. In order to help local aquaculture farmers to properly cope with post-disaster problems, experts from Ningbo Ocean and Fisheries Research Institute and experts from Cixi Aquatic Technology Promotion Center went to the fishery ponds of local fishery cooperatives and farmers to check the disaster situation and provide technical guidance. "If the shrimps get

sick, many of them will be affected. How to pour the agricultural materials for purifying the water is very essential. The guidance of experts from the city really helps me a lot!" said Shen Xinguo, an aquaculture farmer.

The Cixi Yanpu Fishery Professional Cooperative has nearly 400 acres of shrimp ponds and 16 households. Although the typhoon "Lekima" did not cause significant damage to the cooperative, there was a risk of disease outbreak in the shrimp pond. In order to deal with the stress reaction of the shrimp, the aquatic experts came to the cooperative for the first time to guide them. “A large amount of rainwater poured into the shrimp pond, which reduces the water temperature and stirs the sediment at the bottom of the ponds. This kind of water environment is very unfavorable for the growth of Penaeus vannamei.” Rong Huanan, director of Cixi Aquatic Technology Promotion Center, advises farmers to use water quality improvement agent to purify water. If the pH is too low, the quicklime can be used, and the feed should also be controlled.  

It is reported that due to typhoon "Lekima", 21,000 mu of vannamei in Cixi were affected. The number of local vannamei insurance underwriting is 177, the insured area is 8364 mu, and the insurance amount is 33.456 million yuan. At present, the staff of Cixi City Agricultural and Rural Bureau and the Pacific Insurance Company Cixi Branch are doing the claims work for the vannamei weather index insurance, and have completed 55 claims, with a compensation amount of 1.095 million yuan

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