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Professionals from Ningbo Surveying and Mapping Design and Research Institute surveys disaster-stricken sites

Recently, all the staff of Ningbo Surveying and Mapping Design and Research Institute were dispatched to the disaster-stricken sites, using scientific measurement methods to conduct comprehensive surveying of the affected spots such as Beilun and Tiantong, and generate panoramic stereoscopic images to provide scientific basis for restoration and reconstruction.

On August 10th, a mobile measurement team dispatched by Ningbo Surveying and Mapping Design Institute went to multiple roads with serious water-storage like Cuibai Road, Haishu District, Yonggang North Road of Yinzhou, Rainbow North Road, Qianhu North Road, and Innovation Road to monitor the conditions there. They used "laser scan + panoramic image" to survey the water-storage area. Data were analyzed and immediately

reported to the municipal and bureau command group.

On the 11th, the Municipal Surveying and Mapping Design Institute dispatched the mobile measurement group and the drone operation group again to the disaster-stricken areas like Dong’ao Tunnel in Yinzhou, Xing’ao Village in Beilun District, Li’ao Village in Ninghai, and Tiantong Temple in Yinzhou District. They had emergency mapping and monitoring operations in these areas.   

Professionals used 3D laser scanner to obtain 3D cloud data of landslide points, monitor the shape of landslide points, estimate the landslide quantity. They used 6 unmanned aerial vehicles to obtain survey data such as orthophotos, panoramic images, and tilted 3D images of the disaster area, and was reported to the municipal bureau's command team to provide accurate monitoring data for post-disaster relief and post-disaster reconstruction in the relevant areas, and accumulated valuable first-hand mapping data for future land space planning, geographic national conditions monitoring, and sponge city construction

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