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National U-series China Youth Skateboarding Tour held

The Ningbo session of the 2019 National U-series China Youth Skateboarding Tour was held on July 27. The competition includes four items: the male street style, the female street style, the male bowl pool style and the female bowl pool style, with each of them having the groups of U18, U15, U12, and U9. The competition attracted about 199 participants from all over the country, with the youngest candidate being only five years old.

Skateboarding is a highly enjoyable and challenging skill sport, attracting many teenagers with its stylish and cool features. In 2016, the International Olympic Committee announced that skateboarding would officially become an Olympic sport in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. In February 2019, the chairman of the Organizing Committee of the 2024 Paris Olympic Games proposed to include skateboarding in the games. Thus, skateboarding has become an important part of chinas Olympic glory strategy and national fitness strategy. It is in this context that the U-series China Youth Skateboarding Tour comes into being


TheNingbostation of the tour is sponsored by the Social Sports Instruction Center of Chinese General Administration of Sports and the Chinese Roller Skating Association, organized by Ningbo Sports Bureau, Zhejiang Roller Skating Association, Jiangbei District Sports Bureau and Jiangbei District Sports Federation, and assisted byNingboZhichengSchooland SBSX Skateboarding Base

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