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China Nautical Day Forum opens in Ningbo

On July 11, the China Navigation Day Forum, co-sponsored by the Ningbo Municipal People’s Government, the Chinese Maritime Society and the Water Transport Science Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport, opened in Ningbo. More than 400 Chinese and foreign guests from various countries and regions, shipping and logistics fields and international organizations along the B&R attended the forum.

It is reported that since 2005, 2019 is the fifteenth China Nautical Day and the implementation day of World Maritime Day in China. As the only festival approved by the State Council in China’s sea field, it is currently the highest level, the widest scope and the most comprehensive festival in China.

The organizing committee of the forum further improved the forum framework around the theme of the “National Maritime Development of the Shipping Industry” in 2019. In addition to the main forum, the forum has opened corresponding sub-forums in four directions: seafarers, ships, enterprises and culture. At the same time, a series of mass events were also held in the same period, including the China Nautical Day Regatta, the Port Museum Open Day, the Naval Ship Open Day, the Summer Camp, the Exchange Camp, and so on.

In 2019, around the general idea of openness and innovation, China has achieved great results in terms of reducing costs, improving efficiency, and promoting the development of shipping wisdom in port and shipping.

With the issuance of the amendments to the Port Charges Regulations, the number of services for port service charges has been reduced from 15 to 11, and fees for 4 items including cargo port fees, port facilities security fees, pilotage fees and tugboat fees for domestic routes have been reduced by 15%, 20%, 10% and 5% respectively. The stock ratio restrictions on provisions of the International Maritime Regulations on the foreign investment in the international shipping its auxiliary industry have been removed, and the restrictions on domestic shipping agents must be controlled by the Chinese party have been cancelled; By using electricity on the shore to dock, the ship’s air pollution emissions are significantly reduced. By the end of 2018, more than 3,700 sets of shore power facilities have been built nationwide, covering more than 5,200 berths.

“Ningbo has held the China Navigation Day Forum for the fourth time. With the forum as the medium, Ningbo will work together with friends at home and abroad to jointly share the results of mutually beneficial cooperation, accelerate the high-quality development of its port shipping industry, promote the formation of a new pattern of opening up to the outside world.” according to the forum organizers

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