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5th Innovation China Israel Summit: A batch of Israeli hi-tech projects come to Ningbo to do the roadshow

The 5th Innovation China Israel Summit takes place in Ningbo on this Tuesday. Israel is known for its industrial creativity and R&D ability. During this summit, a batch of Israeli projects featuring high and new technologies come to the city to do a roadshow to seek for possible investment.

Israeli project presentation in Ningbo

Israel is known as “a country of entrepreneurship” in the world, with its number of NASDAQ-listed companies next only to the US and China and its per capita venture investment ranking the first globally.

The projects Israeli friends present have impressed investors and leaders of related companies in Ningbo. There is an APP named ClariFruit which can test the maturity, quality, freshness, expiration date, and taste of fruits and vegetables, and the Intervyo system, the world’s first automatic interview system, which allows AI to select job applicants in recruitment interviews. The Sheratol Technological Company,

which used to serve for the military only and now turns into a civil corporation, is specialized in making advanced optical sensors and cameras that can produce high-quality video for monitoring, national defense, homeland security, agriculture, medicine, and industrial uses.

Almost all investors at the summit are interested in projects from Israel, and investment companies like Cybernaut, SDIC, Veken, and Hengwei are all willing to know more about Israeli projects at the summit to select, invest in, and develop the project that they think is most promising

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