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The city has created a new pattern of traffic control

Recently, drivers who often travel from the downtown to Zhenhai all found that at the intersection of Zhongguan road, Dongchang Road and 329 National Road where they used to wait for four or five times for traffic lights, it is now much smoother and the driving speed has increased greatly. This is due to the key remediation actions carried out by the city in 2019.

In the recent “Ningbo City Traffic Congestion and Public Transport City Construction and Road Civilization Improvement 2019 Implementation Plan” (hereinafter referred to as “Implementation Plan”), improving the congestion management in the whole city and creating a new pattern of traffic control in the whole city has also become one of the key tasks of traffic congestion control in 2019.

In recent years, the city's governance on traffic congestion has been extended from the central city to the surrounding area, and urban traffic control has expanded to urban and rural traffic control. "In 2019, the city should further promote the "four-in-one" type of traffic control which realizes the integration of urban and rural areas, and create an equal, harmonious and integrated traffic environment. The person in charge said.

To this end, the city will speed up the construction of the city's backbone transportation system, build a "double fast" transportation network composed of urban trunk roads and intercity railways, and strengthen the transportation links of Ningbo metropolitan area. Among them, the construction of the rapid communication channels such as Ningfeng Intercity Line, Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway Phase II and Xiangshan Port Expressway will be further accelerated. The construction of inter-city railways from Ningbo to Cixi and Hangzhou Bay will be further accelerated. The use of land along the intercity railway should be planned in advance and the land development model with the intercity railway as the core should be promoted. The convenience of transportation links in the urban area should be improved to provide conditions for promoting the integration of urban and rural areas.

According to the requirements of the “Implementation Plan”, all counties and cities in the city should maintain the level of 5A level of urban and rural passenger transportation integration in the city, focus on promoting the construction of priority facilities for public transportation, continuously improve the level of urban bus service, the service level of urban road facilities, and simultaneously rectify traffic violations and promote the traffic control and continuously improved the road capacity

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