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Ningbo recruitment team held 2 promotions in 16 cities

Since March 19, Ningbo officially launched the "I choose Ningbo to display talent" national recruitment tour. By the end of April, the recruitment team has talked with 6650 different talents. 2998 of them are interested in Ningbo, 15.6% higher than that in the same period of 2018. The success rate is as high as 45.1%.  Ningbo, an emerging city, is attracting more and more attention from different talents.


Recently, when the recruitment team went to Hengyang, Hunan Province, the president of Hunan Institute of Technology, Luo Jianhua took the initiative to promote the Ningbo platform. He shared his personal experience of visiting this beautiful coastal city in Ningbo. He said quite a few companies in Ningbo have high quality, strong professional relevance and large development space.  A department head of Xiangshan Enterprise Sunxing Casting Co., Ltd. shared his fast-growth experience of working at Sunstar after graduating from Hunan Institute of Technology to illustrate the better dreams in Ningbo. At the job fair on the same day, Ms. Dong, the director of Jintian Copper's school recruitment, received more than 60 resumes in the morning. Xitian Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. recruited a number of job seekers on the spot.

In the previous recruitment of Changchun, “Ningbo Team” also attracted the attention of many local students.  The Institute of Information Technology Application of the Chinese Academy of Sciences received 560 resumes on the spot and reached a preliminary intention with 58 people.  Ningbo Daye Garden Equipment Co., Ltd. signed labor agreement with 5 people in a single session at Ningbo-Changchun University of Science and Technology Recruitment Conference to supplement the new development of the company.

It is reported that a high salary and opening environment are the highlights of Ningbo, which attracts the talents of different places. According to the data from the “2019 Spring Chinese Employer Demand and White-collar Talent Supply Report” from the well-known recruitment website of Zhilian, Ningbo entrepreneurs offered an average recruitment salary of 7894 yuan for white-collar workers in the spring recruitment season in 2019, ranking 7th out of 37 major cities.  At the same time, on the first Ningbo Talent Day in 2019, young talents from different places feel the warmth of Ningbo, a youth-friendly city

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