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Ningbo signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai

On the afternoon of May 17, Ningbo signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai to deepen strategic cooperation in six areas: advanced manufacturing, port and shipping logistics, digital Ningbo construction, cultural tourism, scientific and technological personnel training, and “return of Zhejiang entrepreneurs” project.


According to the agreement, Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai will give full play to its advantages and speed up the construction of an information bridge between Zhejiang businesses in Shanghai and Ningbo, and actively promote the return of Zhejiang merchants to Ningbo.

The Chamber of Commerce will take the initiative to dock Ningbo's strategic development needs, focus on the construction of Ningbo's "246" tens of billions of industrial clusters, and do a good job of the "double employment and double introductions" of the industrial chain and the innovation chain, and promote the high-quality development of Ningbo's economy and society. Ningbo City will adhere to the

principle of opening and innovation, fully support Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai and play an active role in the construction of major platforms, major programs and major projects in Ningbo, and provide project support, talent introduction, supporting services and parks cooperation and other work.

On the basis of strategic cooperation between the two parties, member companies of Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai and Ningbo relevant districts (counties) and functional zones signed seven cooperation projects with a total investment of 13.7 billion yuan, including the old city reconstruction project in Xiangshan County, Cicheng New City “Zhongchang Digital Creative Valley Industrial Park” project in Jiangbei District, Brain Hospital Project in Yinzhou District,Aidenberg Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park Project in Beilun District, Haishu District’s two-speed technology culture media headquarters project, Cixi City’s Bionic self-repairing plastic alloy green preparation new technology and industrialization project, targeted DDR-anti-tumor 1 new drug research and development and industrialization projects in High-tech Zone. Another five intentional cooperation projects were also signed on site.

In addition, Shanshan Holdings Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Qianwan New District Command signed a cooperation framework agreement. The two parties will jointly build a lithium-ion power battery industry chain and build a new energy (automobile) industrial park and new energy (automobile) industry manufacturing industry innovation center in Qianwan New District

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