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Ningbo to build globally first-class power grid

It is learned from the Power Grid Work Meeting held on May 6 that Ningbo will continue to promote the construction of the globally advanced power grid, which is comparable to those of such metropolitan cities as Tokyo and Paris, in 2019, striving to complete an investment of 6.14 billion yuan.


The power grid in Ningbo has stepped onto the express track for high-quality development. In 2018, the investment on the fixed assets of the power grid reached 7.54 billion yuan, hitting a historical high, accounting for 25.1% of the five-year investment agreement signed by Ningbo and the State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Co. Ltd. It is predicted that in 2019, the maximum load of Ningbo Power Grid will reach 14 million kw, up by 9.5% over last year, taking on a new look of "tight balance".




According to a person in charge from Ningbo Power Supply, with the promotion of the "246" industrial clusters and the three=year action plan, Ningbo will continue to have a rapidly increasing power demand and become the largest power

load center in Zhejiang Province.

 To address the problem, Ningbo Energy Bureau will accelerate the breakthrough of such major projects as the 500 kw substation project of Hangzhou Bay, the 220 kw distribution network optimization of western Yuyao County, the offshore wind power delivery project of Xiangshan County. The civil construction of the 500 kw Yonggang transmission and distribution project, the summer power use project for 2020 will be put into production, and the 220 kw ancient town substation project will be put into production by June 2019, to alleviate the power supply pressure of the Hongtang substation. The transformation project of the power line from Yucai Road to Wantang Village and shutting down of the Zhenhai Power Plant will be conducted in 2019, to make up for the electricity shortage caused by the shutting down of the coal-powered generator of the power plant. Meanwhile, the supporting transformation of the power grid will be accelerated to satisfy the docking of such new energy projects as the new energy electricity generation, electric vehicles and the household photo-voltaic construction plan of the whole city

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