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Ningbo actively involved in Zhejiang’s “One Belt, One Road” hub action plan

Guided by the “Belt and Road”, we will continue to improve the opening level. Recently, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission released the 2019 Zhejiang Province “One Belt, One Road” hub action plan to create ten landmark projects. The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission said that Ningbo will be the vanguard of the “Belt and Road” construction in our province, and nearly half of the projects are related to Ningbo.


In promoting the construction of Ningbo Zhoushan International Hub Port, the province will strengthen the function of Ningbo Zhoushan Port as an International Hub and co-ordinate the construction of a batch of container berths of over 100,000 tons and above, oil products and iron ore berths of 300,000 tons or above. Besides, Zhejiang will create two international shipping service clusters in East Ningbo New City and Zhoushan New City. In terms of large projects, it will promote the construction of container terminals No. 6 to 10 in Meishan Port Area. 

While promoting the construction of Ningbo “Belt and Road” comprehensive experimental zone, Ningbo Zhoushan Port will take the lead, vigorously promoting the integration of seaports, land ports, airports and information ports, and

strengthening the interconnection with countries along the “Belt and Road”; We will build a “16+1” economic and trade cooperation demonstration zone at a high level; improve the “single window” construction of Ningbo international trade, and expand the functions of port administration services and port logistics.  

In the deepening of cross-border e-commerce development, Zhejiang will deepen the construction of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test zones in Hangzhou, Ningbo and Yiwu. It will explore the new mode of supervision and mechanism of new business models, promoting cross-border e-commerce tax collection and management reform pilots, etc., guiding and supporting Yiwu cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test area to carry out cross-border e-commerce online purchase bonded import supervision business. 

In promoting the construction of international industrial cooperation parks in the province, the high-level planning and construction of international industrial cooperation parks will continue to support development zones with conditions and foundation to establish international industrial cooperation parks, and support cooperation agreements and cooperation with existing bilateral and provincial governments to carry out economic and trade exchanges with the international industrial park as the main body.

In promoting international education cooperation and exchanges,  Ningbo Municipal Government and Ministry of Education signed the Memorandum of International Cooperation on Launching the “Belt and Road” Education Action, and upgraded the China (Ningbo)-Central and Eastern European Countries Education Cooperation Exchange to a national-level international education cooperation platform. Ningbo will strengthen the docking with countries along the “Belt and Road” and jointly establish a group of talent science and technology cooperation projects and technological innovation platforms. We will strengthen the international shortcomings of local talents and cultivate urgently needed international high-level talents

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