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Offshore drilling of the longest submarine high-speed railway tunnel officially launched

Ningbo Maritime Safety Administration announced on April 29 that the publicity of the offshore drilling project for the Jintang Tunnel of Yongzhou Railway was held in Ningbo. This is the world's longest submarine high-speed rail tunnel with the highest water pressure. According to reports, the submarine railway tunnel is expected to start in 2020, with a planned construction period of 60 months.


As another super project after Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, Ningbo-Zhoushan railway, which is designed with the combination of “bridge and tunnel”, will travel 77 kilometers across the waterways such as Jintang and Xihoumen. The travel between Ningbo and Zhoushan will be shortened to 30 minutes. The Jintang Submarine Tunnel is 16.2 kilometers long and has a maximum depth of 78 meters. It is the world's largest whether it is the length of the tunnel or the cross-section of the shield.

“The middle section of the Jintang Tunnel is located on the rocky soil composite bottom layer, and the construction environment is more complicated. This situation is a precedent in China. Each excavation of one meter will be accompanied by

world-class technical challenges.” The deputy manager of Yongzhou Railway Exploration Project department said, "In the year from May 1st, our exploration experts will use more than 200 holes to make a thorough and detailed 'physical examination' of the topography, bottom layer and lithology of the Jintang submarine tunnel section. Through comprehensive analysis of the lithology, structure and groundwater development of the surrounding rock around the tunnel, it will provide information for the final design and construction of the tunnel."

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