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Awarding ceremony for 3rd "Art Ningbo Top 10" held

As an important activity of the Ningbo Cultural Industry Fair, the selection and awarding ceremony of the 3rd "Art Ningbo Top 10" was held at Ningbo Art Gallery on the evening of April 15. The raters and honored guests from Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou, as well as the local artists and representatives of distinguished cultural creative enterprises, attended the ceremony. 
To Ningbo, the year of 2018 is an artistic year, with a large number of artistic events bringing about artistic enjoyment to the local citizens. Some events receive the "annual artistic event awards", covering such fields as movie and television, music, art and cultural creative industry. They include the 2018 Ningbo-Nice International Carnival, the building of the Ningbo artistic and literary team, the art exhibition for the major historical issues, the movie "Marathon in the Spring", the nomination of Dafeng Industry as a candidate for "top 30 cultural enterprises in China"

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