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Tianyige Museum &Moon Lake Awarded Demo Scenic Area

Tianyige Museum &Moon Lake was awarded the title of “Demo Scenic Area in Culture and Tourism Integration in Zhejiang 2018”, according to the result of the seventh evaluation of Zhejiang tourism which has been released.

Aimed at looking for model scenic spot through assessment, the evaluation of Zhejiang tourism the most authoritative, credible and influential indicator of tourism in Zhejiang. Tianyi Museum & Moon Lake consists of two main sub-scenic areas, namely Tianyi Museum and Moon Lake. There are over 50 cultural relics under protection of various levels, 3 key cultural relic site under state protection in the spot. The influence of Tianyi Museum & Moon Lake has been boosted by integrating culture with tourism through a serious of unique and professional communication methods.

To create a cultural atmosphere, some cultural products with distinctive local features innovated, including Moon Lake Inscription Wall, Demonstration of the Changing System of Moon Lake, Book Collection Seals of Maya Street and Inscription Stone. Also, logos and VI system were designed, tour guide presentation, cultural stories of Moon Lake, hand-painted maps, promotional videos and related cultural products were created. What’s more, some famous writers were invited to write poems and literary works for Tianyi Museum & Moon Lake, and more than 300 ancient poems were recorded by Ningbo Hosts Society to build a cultural voice library. Some other cultural and tourist activities, such as

exhibitions of the history and traditional culture of Moon Lake, Mid-autumn poetry reading, Mid-autumn lantern show and  National Youth Kayak Championship, which also injected great vitality to the scenic area

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