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Fenghua Planning to Build a Sponge City to Prevent Floods

According to Fenghua government, “Study on the Plans of Building A Sponge City of Fenghua”has been voted through. The building of a sponge city will help to absorb and utilize 75% of the rain, lower the chance of flood damage and relieve the urban heat island effect. Up to now, several projects in trial zones has been launched with the project of greening for Honglangtang about to begin.

As a key area of flood prevention and rainwater control in Ningbo, Fenghua will deliver benefits to the whole Ningbo by building a sponge city as it will build a large “sponge”at the upper reach of central part of Ningbo. During a typhoon, it will help to relieve the damage of floods in central Ningbo.

It is known that the key areas of the sponge city projects cover 34.3 square kilometers. The next move will be to start to work out the short-term plans for the construction of the sponge city with a goal to make clean water more accessible, lower the chance of floods and relieve the heat island effect

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